Is the shutter good for what I am looking for? I have a lot of high end metals (berserker SS, Draupnir, etc) but I was looking for a throw that I can use to make tricks. So basically a cheap yoyo that really helps the creativity flow.


Downbeat looks really cool for extra cash though.

Rapid light is good

Yeah, I’m surprised I haven’t heard anything about it yet. Looks great.

I have a shutter, but there seems to be a lot of hype around it. It’s a nice throw, maybe I need to get used to it but…just doesn’t seem to have that kick like my other throws do, seems to actually die down pretty quick. Maybe it’s just my throw?

A good one to actually practice tricks on and experiment with would actually be the Benchmark H. I don’t know how the 2014 version plays but the 2013 is actually pretty stable and sleeps a long time, perfect for taking your time experimenting with tricks.

Shutter is still my go to all around throw that I can pick up on any day and thoroughly enjoy.

Long spin times, nice wide catch area, does good horizontal (not that I can do horizontal all that well) and just genuinely fun to throw.

And if there are issues with spin times, I’d have to guess it being the bearing. You can see what Gentry can pull with it so I’d be surprised if you didn’t have similar spin times.

On a side note, if you are used to a Draupnir, this thing will def feel heavy on the string which I don’t think is necessarily a bad thing. Just that it will feel very different, potentially in a good way.

I agree with people who have said the Shutter is too hyped. It’s a good yoyo. Really quite good. But Gentry Stein won World, not the Shutter.

I understand that, I just dont own a budget metal and didn’t know where to start

I’m not really sure why the Draupnir or Beserker SS aren’t sufficient for you to make tricks with, I would have thought the sheer performance of them and the wide catch zones would make them the perfect candidates. :-\

No yoyo will make you inherantly more creative. One that feels different to what you currently know can encourage a change in play style and exploring other options, but there is no silver bullet to creativity.

With that in mind, I’d recommend the Onedrop Downbeat. At $70 it isn’t exactly budget, but the heavy weight, chilled out play and organic shape will definately be something out-of-the-ordinary if you’re used to throwing the light, speedy, V shaped Draupnir.

Still, if a Shutter tickles your fancy, then go for it. It’s a great throw for the price. Personally I prefer the Shu-Ta but that’s just because I like the slightly more ergonomic shape, added weight and concave cup. I feel it’s the Shutter… improved. :slight_smile:

Everything is easier for me with the Draupnir.

Let me redo the question, What budget throw feels the most relaxed/ not competition oriented, just a fun throw

Rapid light

OD Downbeat. Not exactly budget but I think close enough. :slight_smile: