Performance/competition/professional grade..?


Having returned after a few years hiatus … I keep seeing these Performance/competition/professional …use to describe new throws … Is this just hype…? Isn’t every yoyo competition ready…? (Within reason) or have we reach unicorn levels…?


Definitely unicorn levels these days

Most of them are dead smooth with great weight distribution that let you perform fast but stable play. Of course there’s throws that just take it to the extreme like the amplitude and draupnir but even things like the shutter will blow you away with how good they are.


Wow… Shutter looks nice and the prices is ridiculously cheap … Does it play ok slow…? I like to relax… Anything else…?


Shutter plays fine slow…I know, that’s the only way I can play :slight_smile: In the $50 metal range you’ll find the Duncan Torque, basically any of the budget metals by YoYofficer, YYF Horizon, and quite a lot of others. Budget metal is a great current trend, for $10 more there’s the One Drop Benchmark range (3 different shapes but all identical sizes and weights).


And these are unicorn smooth…? For under 50…? I got to find some stuff to sell…


If you think the Shutter looks nice, I’d spring for the Shu-ta. It’s basically a 7075 version of the Shutter that is slightly tweaked and apparently amazing. And it’s not much more expensive than a splashed regular Shutter.

And I wouldn’t say the Shutter is “Unicorn” smooth. It’s still darn smooth if you throw it well, but for some reason it seems more sensitive to bad throws for me than some of my higher end yoyos like my OD Summit or SPYY Supra.

Regardless, yes, there are some really freaking good budget yoyos out right now.

Edit: also, as mentioned above, the Duncan Torque is a really good value. I don’t own one, but tried one out and was really impressed. There are plenty more in the same price range as well.


I will always vouch for the Shutter. It’s such a great throw, if it was sold for $30 more, it’d still be more than worth it. In the $45 price range, the Shutter is by far the best bang for your buck.


If you want to get into plastics the new YYR Diffusion is just amazing. Plays horizontals well and finger spins good if you get the hang of it. I think it’s only $35


I second the YYR Diffusion.


I third the YYR Diffusion