Best budget metal?

hi i am looking for a great metal yoyo under 30 dollars .
skill level - moving to advanced tricks
currently throwing a replay pro
and yeah the yoyo should be available on rewind
btw a store in my country is selling shutter for 35 dollars … sj=hould i get it ? cuz it comes with a flat bearing and i have heard that it is not a great bearing


At one time, I didn’t see why everyone was going on about how great the Shutter is. After buying and playing with a few hundred yoyos in the last two years plus, I get it now. It can do just about anything, it’s very stable, which is very helpful for beginner and intermediate throwers, it is a great all around throw. Flat bearings aren’t bad, if anything it will force you to be a tiny bit more precise, they just aren’t quite s as helpful as some other types, definitely not a deal breaker, imho. I have two Shutters that came with flat bearings, and a few that came with a Centertrack bearing, and the play is not very different at all. The ones that came with a flat bearings, I purchased directly from Mr. Stein’s site brand new. If I didn’t know it, I wouldn’t be able to tell. I’d say you cannot go wrong for that price. Good luck!


Great deal. Get it. I have 2 Shutters and they did not come with flat bearings. Shutter is a great yoyo.

I mean I wouldn’t call a bearing a make or break thing for me. A flat bearing just requires a bit more precision. While this may mean a few spots of frustrations learning things it will actually only make you a cleaner player in the long run. So in my opinion if things are tough for you to get i would say a 35 dollar shutter is a fantastic place to start


Thanks it’s done then as the lockdown opens i am getting a nice shutter


Remember, you can always swap out the flat bearing for a centering bearing. The store you are buying from may even have centering bearings available.
Edit to add: your Replay Pro likely has a centering bearing. You can swap that into the Shutter (taking care to gently screw the Shutter back together so as not to damage the threads)


this is the best budget throw out there


A MagicYoyo Y01 Node is hard to beat for its ~$15 price tag.


+1 for the Silenus - I have two now. Great throw for a very reasonable price. The 7003 aluminium definitely has a more premium feel than 6061, just not quite like 7075.


The Shutter is a good throw, you can get a B-Grade for cheaper than 35 bucks. The N12 is also a great performer, you can get a few of those so you can try out 3A or something. Only drawback is it comes with a rather short axle, so be careful of stripping it.