Next throw after the Shutter?


I’ve been throwing my Shutter for a while and love it. It’s been really helping me get into throwing.

My birthday is coming up and I want another “budget” metal, and I want it to be as different as possible (while still being considered good) from my Shutter.

I’m considering Level 6, the Benchmarks (not sure which one…), or the TOO HOT I’ve been hearing about. Not sure at all, please educate me!

Thanks in advance!

(major_seventh) #2

I would go for a Benchmark. USA made and they look really nice, plus you have shape options. (V, O, or H)
Not to mention Side Effects! ;D


Why not a CZM8? It seems nice. I personally liked the Shutter better. Maybe wait for the tooHOT, but it could be a while before it actually comes out. Benchmarks play similar to the Shutter. You could go for a Delrin with the Severe. I just got one and like it so far.

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Checkmates are great too as nardcopter said. Although they do feel a little bland.


I would go with level 6 or 86400 myself. They’re very different from the shutter


Werrd Minute isn’t a bad choice either.



Yeah, the side effects are pretty cool. I’m just not sure which shape I’d be into. Which would be most different from the shutter? I’m guessing V? Most people don’t really like the O…


I’ll consider it. Someone said it was bland… I wonder why.

When’s the TooHOT coming out and what is it’s big deal?

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Just to me the original ones felt a bit bland, like no interesting weight distribution, just like a brick on a string almost. Not sure if the new ones will play like that. Although it can really handle anything because it spins forever :slight_smile:


i would for sure get a too hot! i played with one at the yyf tour 14’, they are amazing and super smooth. they are only going to be priced at $45, so as much as the shutter! i have a silver beadblasted shutter, and the too hot outplays it in almost every way! the too hot should be out pretty soon, if what clint armstrong said was true 8) but, the too hot imo is the best!


They all sound really good. It’s up to you.


I’ve never tried one, but it looks really amazing and I want one. The Duncan Strix? I’ve seen videos on Youtube and it seems like it can handle pretty much anything you would ever care to throw at it. And its… $45 I’m almost positive. Look that one up. They sell it on this website.

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I wouldn’t go for a strix over any of these. Just has a cheap feeling to it, at least to me. Plus its 55$


Werrd Minute is very good too and being a little smaller in diameter makes it more different from the Shutter.


Do whatever floats ur boat. Nothing will be exactly like a shutter. You will probably be happy with anything.


I second this.
Anyway, I would say to jump on some of those Northstars that came out. I know it feels like a downgrade from the Shutter, but I can land my 30 second combos on one of them. And just look at Jensens performance today, it still blows my mind today, so you know it can take you relatively far. Plus, just look at it. It’s… It’s beautiful.

EDIT: if your looking for a floatier yoyo, get the Werrd minute. Go onto and sign up for their newsletter. It will enter you in a raffle to win a Minute. If you don’t win, you can always buy one.


Don’t get a czm8 it’s the most bland yoyo I’ve ever played, I own one and it really can’t compare to a shutter, sleep times are nowhere near as good and I really don’t like mine, that’s just my opinion


I don’t think that was a very useful response. Of course OP knows that, but he’s asking for our opinions. And I don’t know, the Shutter was pretty darn good and other yoyos may not live up to its reputation. If he doesn’t choose carefully, he definitely will not be happy with ‘anything’. Because I know I was absolutely dissappointed with many yoyos after I got a genesis+.

Anyway back to the topic, I myself do not have many budget metals that I would recommend as they are pretty outdated compared to now. But I myself am thinking of getting a C3YY Level 6! It’s everything C3YY loves in one little package. Plus the anodisation and shape of the yoyo itself looks spectacular! I was impressed by their Speedaholic and I absolutely want another C3YY yoyo! (I am definitely not hyped from all of the level 6 videos!! …okay maybe I am! XD)


I recommend trying the Yoyofficer Hatchet. It is a great yoyo. See the reviews for more about it. It looks nice and plays great. I actually like it more than my Shutter. It is slightly more expensive at $60, but its worth it.


Duncan Torque or YYO Hatchet. I have the two and the Shutter. The Hatchet it floaty and light while the Torque is a bit more hefty