Shuter or czm8


So i have been looking for an good,under 50 bucks,metal yoyo. I really trust YYF and i could not find any other company that would suit my requests. Can you tell me which one is better:the shutter or the czm8? If you have any other alternatives please reply. Thank you so much!


We’ve just been discussing this in the topic best throw for $50. I had the same question, I was initially thinking shutter. But it seems like the too hot prototype is everyone’s favorite choice although its a little over 50 its $52. I’m going to get the too hot though.


Thank you! I asked the guys from yotricks between the shutter and the czm8 and they said definetly the shutter.I saw the too hot prototype and i said it s a prototype,i did hear about it absolutely nothing thanks again i ll go forward to compare the shutter and the too hot


Other throws worth checking out would be:
C3 level 6
Yoyofficer lava, and musket
werrd minute


The c3 level 6 looks sick


So do the lava and the musket

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The shutter is amazing.

Here’s a review that may help you decide whether or not you want one.,73476.0.html


Out of the two, I would without question recommend the CZM8. The Shutter is a fun throw and the blasted one I have feels great! The CZM8 also feels great in the hand and the IRG’s (Inner Ring Grinds) are much easier. You can thumb grind with the Shutter as well, just not very easily. The spin times and stability are again better with the CZM8 in my opinion.

You really can not go wrong with either one, both are awesome!


We’re currently blessed with a wealth of reasonably priced (around $50), great performing, all metal, full-sized throws from which to choose. This is a relatively new - and very welcome - change in the yoyo marketplace.

In choosing between yoyos in this class, like the YYF Shutter, the C3 Level 6, the YYF CZM8, the YYO Musket (or one of its sister YYO models), the YYF Too H.O.T. prototype, etc., it’s not so much a question of “Which is best?” as it is one of “Which best suits me?”

That is, none of them performs so much better, or worse, than the competition as to stand out. They may each possess their own individual strengths and weaknesses (or “design trade-offs,” if you will), and as a result one model may simply be a better match for a given individual than will another. But that’s all it is - a personal preference, and not some blanket superiority which will be obvious and relevant to everyone else.

And frankly, in many ways they are sufficiently similar in performance that even these personal preferences for one design over another are minimal. Particularly as most people are not sufficiently skilled and experienced as to be able to clearly articulate just what their precise personal preferences are, much less to reliably detect subtle differences in how well one of the aforementioned yoyos matches up vs. another.

So for many potential purchasers, it comes down to “Which is cheaper?” or “Which one looks best to me?” And that’s fine. As with, say, purchasing a new car, once you’ve got it narrowed down to a couple of models which suit you equally, there’s nothing wrong with basing your final decision on price or on paint color.

So buy one - any one - and don’t look back, constantly second guessing your decision and wondering if one of the alternatives might not have been the better choice.