CZM8 Vs. Shutter

Hurray for new yoyos! Looking to snag either the czm8 or shutter, as I’ve heard great things about both but they’re both so similar I’m having difficulty deciding between the two. Would love to hear opinions about both. Starting to get into horizontal play (just a TINY bit :P) and looking at the two they both seem like they would do well for finger spins. 'Pinions go!

Search the BST and get both used for the price of one new!!

Either way both are awesome, but I’m partial to the shutter. I’ve had 3 now, each time I trade one I buy another one…
Czm8s are cool and all but shutter all the way, especially the silver one!!

Eh, I’ve been staying away from the BST until I have more disposable income, and I like being the first person to have dinged a yoyo. Not as satisfying to get a beat up yoyo in the mail. Good to know about the shutter, silver is pretty on it!

I hear ya on buying new. I would rather it myself but some yoyos you can’t buy anymore and the BST is a good way to try new throws without spending a ton of cash.

The shutter is amazing for grinds, horizontal and is actaully decently stable for a high walled throw.

I’m no expert at horizontal, I actually suck but from what I can do the shutter did pretty well.

I only ad a czm8 for about 4-5 days and didn’t play it much, I bought it on a whim at the same time as a shutter and the shutter got way more play.

The silver one is amazing to look at and it feels really good too but the new splashes look pretty cool too!!
Hopefully I can be of some help, I have had 3 of them so far, currently don’t have one but gonna get one soon!!

but it’s low walled?

Might as well be ‘no walled’ as some call it. I just wasn’t about to burst his bubble on that one :stuck_out_tongue:

Duh… I meant to write low walled. :-X