what color is the best for the czm8? do you guys recommend this yoyo? worth price?

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The CZM8 is the blandest yoyo I have ever had the misfortune to try. It took something fun like yoyoing, and took the fun out of it. How do you even do that?


I actually agree with the above post


i completely disagree, but definitely an opinion thing,also matters on your style, im actually trying to sell mine now, but thats only cuz i have 2. I love the czm8, its actually one of the most fun YYF throws ive tried. supernova being the 1st. the czm8 is alil conservative with shape, but makes up for it with a killer hub design. nice concave outlet with a slight IGR for great grinds and finger spins. with the right bearing and some silicone, IMO its a great throw with even greater spin time. i say go for a prototype, its alil heavier and made here in the USA, not to diss chinese manufacturers or anything, but i feel the floaty appeal sometimes is a hit or miss due to less material. The babies made here are awesome, grab one b4 they dissapear man. i dont think you’ll regret it. and as color way goes…what color do you like?


I agree that it’s a preference thing. Offering Shutter, CZM8 and Horizon around the same time, in the same price range helped give people some signature options. CZM8 was not high on my “to buy” list due to the specs, but now that I have one, it’s fun, and I’m glad I have it. It’s not the stability monster that I’m so fond of, but I find it really fun to throw, super smooth playing, and I can’t compare it to anything else I have really. So, in direct response to your questions, I have it, I enjoy it, and I recommend it. I have this colorway, and it is U.S.A. made, if you care about that sort of thing. I think it offers some low cost metal variety, obviously Vashek’s preference and he enjoys it , so I can appreciate it.

Here are a few photos of mine, in the recommended color scheme:
CZM8 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr
CZM8spin5 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr
CZM8spin2 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

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I agree with this. However, if you’re only looking for performance, it gets an A+


My favorite color is purple … and well is it good with performance i personally like th look of it i am only worried about performance.


also how stable is it?


It is stable, but not as stable as a Shutter, for example. It is stable “enough” for me to still enjoy it, and in such a way that less stability adds to the fun of throwing it. That’s the best way I can put it. I would consider it “average” on that feature.


would it be better than a omega dash? like when you through it it won’t go side ways right as long as you throw and catch it right?


in comparison to a dv888 how stable is it?


I feel like some of this is strongly personal preference. Based on shape, I thought I’d really like the shutter and be generally fine with the czm8. I got both with a proton as part of a package deal, so I tried both at the same time. Turned out to be the other way around. I find the czm8 to be a lot of fun, easy to push it fast, though it’s not as fast as a more compact, speedy yoyo. It’s generally stable and I find the shape cuts in and out of layers of string surprisingly well. That’s probably my biggest knock on the shutter; I have trouble moving it between layers of string due to the width and rounded off everything of the shape. Depending on your preferences, it’s well worth the price. I got it before the pricing changes and newer colors, so I have the blue with pink splash and it’s pretty sweet looking. When it spins, it’s bright blue with an iridescent pink sheen.


so you would say its pretty stable?


I consider dv888 average on stability. CZM8 is slightly better than that, but still on the spectrum of “average” in the stability department. I just threw all three of them, and consider the Dash the least stable of the bunch. I’d place them in this order:

Dash < DV888 < CZM8

Any of them will do, but if that’s an important feature to you, CZM8 is the better option out of the three, in my opinion.


I personally really want to get one too, and if I did, I’d be getting it in that smooth green… :o ::slight_smile:

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That smooth green is so pretty.

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If your looking for stability, the horizon is probably a better choice than the czm8.

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How would you rate the stability of the Horizon?


The czm8 doesn’t spin very long. I tried my horizontal combo on it and only got halfway through, whereas the horizon got through the whole thing. And my regular combos took the spin out of it quick. Might just be the bearing, but I don’t think so. On a side note, the horizon is basically the perfect yoyo.


It doesn’t spin very long, on horizontals or normal spin time? How long does it usually spin?