I looked through a bit but couldn’t find no review. So I was wondering if anyone here in the forums could give me a detailed review about the yoyo. Thank you

I tried one once briefly, wasn’t impressed. Spin wasn’t as powerful as I thought it should be and it was a little unstable. It was fast though.

I haven’t heard anything good about the czech m8, but great things about the czech point.

The CZM8 is a pretty good yoyo. Forgiving, good for a beginner. I have one.

So it’s a V shape yoyo, so it won’t be especially too comfortable, but it is a good yoyo. It’s light and not too clunky, and I think that it’s very ideal for a beginner. It’s spin times are good enough, it’s stable design lets you make mistakes and still carry on, and it’s not too unique that it will not match your preferences. If you want more details tell me. Although you might be probably be better off with the Czech Point, an update on the CZM8 which about improves it in every way yet still keeping it at the same price. See my review here: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,84711.0.html

CZM84VK was a different prototype version I think?

I own one, it’s a decent yoyo but the play is a little uninspiring. If you’re interested in the design I’d personally second Buggot’s suggestion to wait for the Czechpoint. It’s very similar in shape but better in pretty much every way, as well as being cheaper. :slight_smile:

I’m actually curious as to how this plays. I have one coming in tomorrow. Based on the mixed opinions, I’m keeping my expectations a bit lower. I don’t have many V-shape yoyos to begin with so that’s part of why I wanted to add one to my arsenal. I currently own a CzPoint and that has become one of my go-to throws as it’s insanely forgiving.

I personally love it, I just didn’t want to over hype it for someone then to have them disappointed. For me it’s a killer yoyo, but for most others it’s an average good yoyo.

So while my mind isn’t blown by the czm8, I do find it quite fun to play. It has power (after swapping out with a CT bearing), it’s pretty stable, and it can also potentially be painful! But I like it!

Here it is next to its younger brother, CzPoint.

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I wrote this review a long time ago. I mean before the production run CZM8 released and this was all there was. I traded mine eventually, though.