YoyoFactory CZM84VK

I realized that there are not many reviews for this yoyo. I find this a shame because it is a really good yoyo.
I also would like to say I got this in Early December but I only though about it now to make a review for it.

Details: (from YYE)
Yoyo: CZM84VK
Diameter: 56.5mm
Width: 42.4mm
Weight: 66.9g
Bearing Size: Center Trac Bearing (Size C)
Response: CBC “Slim Pad” Size 19mm OD

My Color: Pink (Slusny Edition)

First Look:
I am going to say, right now, that the yoyo is a brilliant piece of art. The Pink is a bright pink so it looks really nice in the sun. They are, however, differences in the Slusny edition than the regular edition that are not pictured on YYE shop page. First off, there is no signature of Vashek Kroutil on the rim. The other is that it says SLUSNY across the diameter.
I also really loved to see how steep the V-Shape is. I am a large fan of V-Shapes which made this become one of my favorite yoyos right off the bat.

First Throw Opinion:
Before throwing it, I loved how it fit in my hand (but that may not be the same for you folks, my hand is, most likely, different from yours).
After throwing it, I can say that it is dead smooth. It is also very quiet compared to some other yoyos I have.

My Current Opinion:
Well, after a day or two, I needed to clean the bearing but, for me, that is normal. So, this info really isn’t that important.
Anyways, it is still very quiet, and smooth. It is also very good for long string tricks and horizontal (great great great for horizontal).
It is, still, one of the best yoyos I have ever thrown.

I would like to ask: Who does nobody ever talk about it this yoyo? It is really good for horizontal, both short and long tricks, and anything 1A related you can throw (< :D)at it. It is also nice and quiet so it will not annoy anybody near you. If you, also, like V-shapes, step right up, this is for you. In conclusion, I would like to say, this yoyo is so very underrated.

Thanks for reading my first review,

BTW, if this is of any use, I prefer full-sized throws.

I actually love this throw! My friend traded something for it (same one as you) at nats, and I got to try it. It is quiet and smooth. The pink on some lime green/neon yellow string looks amazing in the sunlight.

I own one and I too absolutely love it. The shape is great and is always a classy throws.


Only two people agree with me on this?

I really enjoyed mine while i owned it. Feels great in the hand, nice simple shape but aesthetically pleasing. Made in US, awesome price, definitely underrated.

Technically this yoyo hasn’t been put into full production yet. These have been prototype runs. When it’s fully released I think people will be buzzing like beez bout it.

But fully release will be different, even better than this one.

What are they changing?

Wait and see, it should be released soon.

Can’t wait !

I liked it a lot, but it was kinda heavy

This is an awesome throw. Amazing stability and spin times, fantastic grinding surface, and at a great price. Plus it looks awesome… very understated design.

Granted, it doesn’t have any real float or feel to it that lends itself to chilld relaxed play imo, but for solid competition-esc play it’s a beast. Glad I bought one.

it’s the most stable throw I own right now and is beast with grinds, but it’s too heavy for me, I like light throws, so if you want it check out my bst lol