To the Point - Yoyofactory CzechMate aka CZM8 Review

It was pretty hard to supersede the impression I had from the Rally.

Why did I even get the CM after the Rally? My play style somewhat resembles VK’s new style. After watching that CZM8 video a month ago, I thought “maybe I should get this yoyo. Might benefit me.” Shape was nice. The yoyo was pink too. Decided to save up and get one.

It’s a keeper.

Diameter: 56.5 mm / 2.22 inches
Width: 42.4 mm / 1.67 inches
Weight: 66.9 grams

First impression:
“This yoyo is so pink. 10/10”

Comfort, Feel, etc.:
Pink. Nice shape. Rims are angular with a rounded lip. Feels sharp, but not Septopus sharp. Blast is… different but nice. I dinged the CM and feel barely anything. No blast in the response area.

Response/Bearing, Axle:
It’s pink. It’s snaggy. Few slippery binds. Might put flowable. It works well for horizontal, though.

Came with probably the best stock CenterTrac I’ll ever see. Spins as if cleaned. I do like CenterTracs, but only in certain throws (Dietz, Stargazer). I think it plays more stably with a KK. Not as fun, though.

The axle is superglued. While playing in my driveway, I had a parts explosion and dinged the CM a bit. It is a problem with short axles, but I wish it wasn’t superglued. I have not had this problem with my Stargazer (I think).

It does everything and what you expect, not too much more. Pretty “standard.” Keeps momentum extremely well. “Plays itself,” but not like a YYR. It’s the main reason why I use it. Moves fast for its size. Plays 85% in my style right out of the box. That just blew me out of the water. Can play really slow and flowy, but with its limited sleep time, I would just play fast. (Some say it plays slow and heavy, but I think it’s fine. I admit- I can’t play it as fast as I did “out of the box” right now- but just saying, it can play really, really fast.) Stability is good. Not as stable as the Stargazer, the last yoyo I’ve played; the Rally is too stable for a comparison. It has a little wall, which some people favor. I personally don’t like walls. Has difficulty with direction changes, but not as much as a Code1. With a bit of play, it’s very consistent. It’s more of a performance yoyo than a “lemme go and do random stuff” yoyo. Sometimes it does help you “land that trick,” however.

The CM is a yoyo that grows on you, as some have claimed. After a week of play (just the CM alone), I enjoyed it. I could continue using it forever, but my other throws would get lonely. Feel wise, I would compare it to a Dietz a bit. You will have to play it a lot in isolation to appreciate it like a Chief, though. Otherwise, it just feels boring. (Remember! IT PLAYS WELL.) If you’re looking for a performer, here it is.

Grinds well. Perfect weight. Has a smooth, flowy, pleasant feeling.

So was it a good decision? If it wasn’t so PINK… no.*
…but for the price, YES.

The CzechMate does benefit my play style very much, but otherwise it’s not particularly fun to play with. It “lacks personality.” Sure, it’s a good player for the price. I could use it purely for competition. Performs well. It gets stuff done. I pretty much forget it’s NOT a high end metal. Many people like it, and I do think it is the best YYF (performance wise) I have played.

It doesn’t sleep too long, though (IMO). I’ve become careful so I could get through my combos. It can take a lot of sloppiness in some situations. I expected the CM would sleep fairly long for its shape and size (think Superstar lol), but I was wrong.

It’s definitely one beautiful, beastly yoyo. I’ll tell you that.

plays well for price ($70) / a “go to” yoyo
beautiful finish and ano

standard/”lacks personality” (but it has a nice float in lacerations, though)
sleep time (depends on the thrower)


Play worth/MSRP:

If you do have a CM in pink, I recommend playing with it outside on a cloudy day. It’s amazing.

*- I like having money hehehe

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Fantastic review. I have a CZM8 and you’ve described it almost perfectly! Espcially about the blast, it’s very… different feeling. Almost sticky but not…

I agree about the response. I don’t think the competition pads really work in it too well, I think I might swap mine out for some YYF Natural pads.

I have to slightly disagree on the spin time aspect of it though. Granted, it doesn’t match up to throws like Doomsday Genesis/YYR Gleipnir, but I haven’t found the spin time to be particularly lacking. But then I’ve heard people say similar about the Puffin and it seems to spin plenty long for me, so maybe I just have a really hard throw. =P

Either way, great review. Does a great job of describing the CZM8. =)

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Thanks! I enjoyed the CM a bunch, so I thought it definitely needed another review.

As for sleep time, it’s enough, but especially after playing with the Rally, I felt the sleep time was a bit shorter than expected. However, it could be due to the response as I’ve had the same problem w/ my Dietz.


It’s such a good throw. I let my friends try it, and they love it!