yyf czm84vk(checkmate)

Q:What is it made of?

A:this yoyo is made of anodized aluminum.

Q:How does it play?

A: the play on this yoyo is relativly good i personally enjoy this yoyo but a lot of other peopl do not like it. I believe that this yoyo great for its price. the play is very stable and kind of heavy and slow but it is a lot of fun

Q: what are the stats?

A: Diameter: 56.5 mm / 2.2@ inches
Width: 42.4 mm / 1.67 inches
Weight: 66.9 grams
Bearing Size: Center Trac Bearing
Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: CBC “Slim Pad” Size 19mm OD

Q: wwhat is the price?

A: $69.99

Q:what colors does it come in:

A: red,green,pink,orange with blue splash (adds $10.00), grey with gold splash (adds $10.00)

Q: whats it look like in action?

A: like this

Final notes: this yoyo is a lot of fun and for the price it was worth it


You need to describe the play in a bit more detail, e.g. fast, slow, floaty, stable etc. Just saying it’s “good” doesn’t cut it.
Also, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the CZM84VK.

i was at the ma state yoyo championships and i heard that the only thing worse than the yyf rockstar is the czm84vk so thats why i put it

I’ve also only heard good things. Weird.

yoyomanente why the sudden burst of micro reviews?

i dont no i didnt really put as much work and i didnt no what all went into them

The CZM8 plays fantastic for it’s price. It feels rather different to anything else I’ve really tried, hard to describe, and the blast on it feels a bit perculiar, however performance wise it’s up there with throws twice it’s price. Very competition orientated, it feels very deliberate and raw, it’s not like throwing a silky general yo or a floaty Chief, it’s just solid, robot-like performance.

Best YYF I’ve played to date, and I’ve tried most every throw they’ve made. Very similar in shape and play to a C3 Berserker, which is saying a lot.

I side with Mike Ferdico in that, to me, the checkmate is one of the worst metals I’ve played. It performs decent, but to me, it has absolutely no personality or uniqueness to it all.

i dissagree about the worst metal but i do agree about the lack of uniqueness and personality

Me too, but it was designed for performance and for competition-worthiness at a decent price point. Because of that is doesn’t need to feel beautiful, floaty and silky, it just needs to keep spinning and performing, which it does very well considering its price.

thak you that is what i have been thinkig and i just couldnt put it to words

I’ll tell you what. The SPYY Pro is a straight-up V-shape without float. I found it extremely bland when I first threw it and was glad I had only spent $30 on it as an “add-on” for a BST transaction.

Now it’s my go-to yoyo. That “business-oriented” feel really grows on you and before you know it, you’re recognizing that it does have character after all. It’s just that it’s a different character than you were used to being friends with. :wink:

I would definitely consider getting a Checkmate if I didn’t already have a great down-to-business yoyo in the Pro.

i agree with you i mean i only bought it due to the fact that it was part of the febuary prototype run

the prototype that i got was the desighn that they went with so 8) (^^^)

listen all in all this is a great throw one of the best for its price



I don’t think it’s the best for it’s price. It’s stable and spins a long time, but it’s slow and too heavy for me. don’t really like it, but hey i have one on my bst right now if anyone wants it lol