YoyoFactory CzechPoint

YoyoFactory CzechPoint


Vashek Kroutil is one of the most well known names in the European yo-yo scene. As an EYYC Champion and 5 time Czech National Champion he knows a few things about competition, and his newest signature model is the ideal competition ready yo-yo! The Czech Point!

YoYoFactory worked with legendary yo-yo designer Kentaro Kimura on Vashek’s latest design to get it just right. They started with the base design of the CZM8 and tweaked it to create a more comfortable and higher performing yo-yo without losing that special something that VK loved about his previous signature models. The edges are smoothed out, the weight distribution is more rim focused, and the end result is a sleek and simple design that offers the perfect mix of stability, spin time, and maneuverability - Ideal for any play style!

The Czech Point is a welcome addition to the already amazing lineup of affordable competition level yo-yos from YoYoFactory!

Background Info
After YYF announced that Vashek Kroutil was working on two new signature yoyos (the other being the YoyoFactory VK SS/Slusny), I was really hyped up because I own his other model, the CZM8. I was really excited about it and wanted to follow it’s production and progress.

The idea of suggesting names for it came out of the blue, but once I put my mind to it I began to get even more excited. I came up with many names, but the name Czech Point stood out to me the most. Having no idea this would even get considered, I suggested the name on YoyoFactory’s ask.fm (http://ask.fm/Yoyofactoryfm/answer/126895824131) and Vashek’s other site (http://ask.fm/SLUSNY/answer/126785411960).

To my complete surprise, Vashek really liked it and YYF said that I had just named his new yoyo! Having the honor of naming my favorite player’s new signature yoyo was too much for me, I spent the next month imagining how it would be like and what would happen. So as you can probably tell when the yoyo came I had great expectations and excitement.

Weight (g)  66
Diameter (mm)  56.5
Width (mm)  42.4
Gap (mm)  4.9

Pink, Aqua, and Black (green coming soon…! ^.^)

First Impression: Wow, this yoyo is smooooth looking. Nice, soft color, and it’s a lot less angular than the CZM8. Looks solid. The design in the cup looks niiiiice.


The CzechPoint and the CZM8 share many similar qualities. The CzechPoint has that W shape, more so than the former CZM8. It gives a better fitting feel in the hand, as opposed to the V-shape leaning CZM8. The shape is comparable to a Protostar (Credit to Vashek for the photo)

The outer rims are also more rounded than the CZM8. I feel like Vashek and Kentaro designed the CzechPoint as a refined CZM8, making it less angular, softer looking, and a bit more comfortable. Also better playing, but a bit more on that later.

The CzechPoint’s cup area has a smaller flat center for horizontal fingerspins as well as a concave bowl leading up to it rather than the angles like the CZM8.

The gap is moderately wide. Good for multiple layers of string, and allows for great grind times.
Weight-wise, it is heavier than the CZM8 but by no means “heavy”. It feels less hollow.

The bearing is a Center Trac. Once you break it in a little, it performs well. I can’t really judge whether a bearing is good or not, but I found the noise minimal and pleasing, nothing wrong sounding.
The response pads are one of two new blends YYF is trying out, pale/pink looking pads. I find them really nice, better than the blue pads on my CZM8. They gave really snappy binds and wasn’t responsive.

The thing everyone (aka 2 people :P) has been waiting for… the performance. Like Dragonegs says, this is like a CZM8 on steroids. It fixes everything that the CZM8 missed. It’s stable and long spinning, great for finger grinds, a bit less generic looking, all around great yoyo and improvement. I was surprised at how much it improved to it’s former yoyo. More solid than it’s predecessor, but less steep and less uncomfortable in the hand, the CzechPoint can easily handle many string layers and it’s forgivability is something that makes it stand out in my view.


-It is much more stable. If I thought the CZM8 was forgiving, the CzechPoint is really nice. It never goes off plane, which was a thing that the CZM8 missed out on. It sacrifices a little bit of speed for it, but now when doing tricks quickly you have that controlled speed instead of the frantic, erratic quickness of the CZM8. You can learn tricks really easily on this yoyo, because when you’re halfway through a trick and need to let it spin for a while while viewing the next part of the tutorial, it stays in place. One of the CzechPoint’s high points.

-It is great at fingerspins. I enjoyed doing fingerspins on my CZM8. I wondered if it was going to be as good on the CzechPoint. I tried it out, and it was amazing! Thanks to it’s better stability it stays on your finger, doesn’t tend to tilt out on itself.

-Playable at any speed. The CzechPoint is able to maneuver around at any speed, whether you like to go slow or play quickly. This is another one of it’s high points, and I think many people will like it because of this. I was surprised at how it can change speeds and not ruin your momentum through tricks.

-Improvement at a reasonable price. At $45, you get a lot of bang for your buck. Like many other “budget metals” (should we call them that anymore?), price is getting lower for a lot more performance.

-It’s not that floaty. It’s a personal term, but I don’t feel like it really “floats on the string”. It’s solid. Nothing wrong with that though, but it’s a preference thing.
-Pretty solid. Another preference thing, but just thought I’d put it out there for people who are absolute light yoyo lovers. Not at all a rock on a string, though.
-No pretty colorways as of yet! Czech back on this later!
-Unique-wise, I don’t know enough to classify if this is a unique yoyo, or “boring” as some people say, but it looks decent. Again, preference. Let me know how it looks to you!

Thanks to Vashek and Kentaro, we now have a revised and refined version of the CZM8. It pretty much fills in all the blanks that the CZM8 left. It’s better spinning, better controlled and stable, and a little better feeling. I was really expecting a lot for this yoyo, and to my delight it didn’t disappoint. There’s a lot going for this yoyo, and I highly recommend it to those who love the CZM8, thought the CZM8 was boring, own the CZM8, or are #TeamVashek. In other words, get this yoyo now!!!


Image Cred: CZPoint and Protostar: Vashek Kroutil
CZPoint colors: YYF
The rest: Lac Phan/Buggot

Some more pictures I took that I’ll leave down here:

So beautiful. :slight_smile: Waiting for the green colorway dream :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me know what you guys think of my first official review!

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Really great review! I tried it, and I’m sold on it :smiley:

Awesome review!

CZECH back on this later… Heh

Glad you caught the pun :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

Updated the review a little bit, video soon!

Nice review ;D I’m getting a Czech Point soon.

Got my Czech Point today :smiley: Lovin’ it so far.

What color? :slight_smile:
Glad to see love for the CZPoint

It’s green. How long is the CZPoint sleep time?

Depends on how good you are, to be honest. I can get like 2 or more minutes on mine on an average throw. If I did string manipulation, threw a stronger throw, or didn’t do tricks with it it would be much longer

The dream has not yet ended

I’ve only been able to get mine to spin for a minute & a half on a really strong throw (sleeping only, not doing any tricks)

Whoa! That looks like it had been in a nuclear reactor!