YYF CZM8 or CZPoint?

Ive been looking into these and trying to decide on one but can’t seem to find too many differences on them. Could anyone explain the differences and/or recommend one?

I’ve heard from everyone owning a CZPoint that it’s essentially a more enjoyable, better performing CZM8.

I own both. The CZM8 isn’t bad but it isn’t an “OMG this thing is crazy” yoyo. It’s just…a yoyo…

The CZPoint on the other hand is nice and plays much better. I bought the CZM8 afterwards and today I ask myself “why did I buy the CZM8?”…

What I liked about the 'Point over the 'Mate:
Spin times were much longer
Much more stable (IMO)
Overall more comfy to hold (the 'Mate is sharp V shape)

What I noticed about the 'Mate:
Feels kind of “generic”
Even though it has thick rims it doesn’t seem to have any real power
It can hurt
And not sure why but to me it had a “cheap” feeling to it compared to other YYFs I own.

^ Pretty much everything Angrygumball said.

I can confirm, I am one of those people that own both and I feel the Czechpoint is just the all round more superior yoyo. More comfortable shape, faster, more enjoyable play.

I’ve yet to come across someone who owns both and doesn’t prefer the Czechpoint. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I’d take a Czechpoint over any other YYF budget yoyo (Shutter, Horizon, TooHot). It’s my clear favourite of their budget range thus far. :slight_smile:

I posted this on IG awhile back. CZM8 vs. VKss vs. CzechPoint.

I prefer the increased stability of the CzechPoint over CZM8. But, CZM8 is definitely a nice throw, and it plays like a machine. I think CzechPoint has a lot more personality. But, if you like this shape, and you’re interested in spending more money, the VKss model is my favorite of them all. Don’t sleep on that one.

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