Czechmate vs shutter

Talk it up poeple witch is better

I reallywant the czechmate but everybody in firums says that the shutter is very good for learning new tricks and stuff like that

I like the CZM8. But again, I also recommend the Czech Point: It’s better than the CZM8 since it is an improved version, and has everything you want in a budget yoyo. Plus it’s coming out in nice colors in August.

Don’t get the czechmate, get the czechpoint. It’s a much better yoyo.

I have both the shutter and czm8. Not sure which I like better, both a good yoyos for their price. And both have a bit of a different design from each other. Not sure what to tell you lol

Get 'em all! Each budget yyf plays differently.

In my opinion the czm8 is not a good yoyo. I don’t think anyone who doesn’t have a Shutter should get a czm8 instead. The czm8 just doesn’t seem to have all that much of a personality; it’s a very simply yoyo. The Shutter is a great yoyo to learn tricks on and do all sorts of stuff with. In my opinion it’s one of the best value for money yoyos out there.


^ Also this.

If you like the look of the CZM8, then I’d second Johnny’s recommendation to wait to get a Czechpoint instead. It’s very similar in shape but a lot more enjoyable to play, more comfortable in the hand, faster, and less robot-like.

In my opinion:

Czechpoint > Shutter > CZM8


Agree with all the CZPoint lovers!