Shutter or Czechpoint?!


I’m yoyoing for about a half year now. Currently i’m rolling the yyf One but it’s time to upgrade! Now i’m not sure wich yoyo i should buy for around $40-$50. I’m considiring the czechpoint or the shutter any suggestion?
Doesn’t have to be yoyofactory

Both are great throws. My preference is the Too HOT, it is stable, wide enough for me to hit my tricks,and it grinds well. My son has a check point, it is amazing, comfortable, stable, can go fast. My daughter has a Shutter, great Yoyo, but, just doesn’t feel “right” in my hand.

It seems that in the $40-60 range you really can’t go wrong.

I was never a big Shutter fan, but the CzechPoint is amazing (and this is from someone who didn’t like the CzechMate).

CzechPoint is amazing, everyone says so! :P. Here is a bribe:


P.S. Czech out my review here:,84711.0.html

I have heard that the CZechpoint is really amazing, but from personal experience I would really recommend the Too HOT or the Horizon.

Shuuter with 100% poly and a konkave bearing. Best Yoyo and quality

That’s your opinion. It’s a decent yoyo, but I disagree with it being the “best” (since there is no “best” yoyo) and highest quality (Made in China doesn’t exactly get me thinking high quality).

But it’s definitely a decent yoyo.

Don’t dis Chinese quality. The yoyos they pump out are top notch.

Personally I prefer the Czechpoint to the Shutter. Can’t really put my finger on why, I just find it all round a more enjoyable experience to throw with. The Shutter is a great yoyo but it’s never really stood out to me in any aspect, so I don’t find myself reaching for it too often.

Really, anything from the selection of:


Is a solid choice, and a huge upgrade from a YYF One. Really it comes down to which one you like the look of best. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! I just ordered the czechpoint, i think it looks better and it’s a bit more special then the shutter normally i should receive it this week (probably friday) i will let you guys know how i like it!

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Nice choice! #TeamVashek unite. Hopefully you’ll love it

Friday i got my czechpoint! And i love it, probably i would love every metal yoyo coming from a yoyofactory one but it’s really nice! It looks good, it comes with a centre-trac bearing, it’s very stable , my tricks go alot smoother now! Thanks for the advice!

No probs, hope you enjoy