YYF Too Hot or Czech Point?

I am looking to purchase a new yoyo and am stuck between 2. Too Hot and Czech Point.

I have been leaning towards Too Hot because I like the more rounded O shape. I currently have a Shutter and want something similar, but different.

What is everyone’s take on these 2 yoyo’s?


Well the too hot is going to be wider and have a nice o-shape. The czm8 will have a v shape and wi be heavier. Personally I recommend the too hot

I actually have both and they’re both really good! If you like wide catch zones, get a Too H.O.T.


I’ve seen in a post of yours that you have both, so I was hoping you’d respond :grinning:

Both seem great, but the Too H.O.T. Seems like it’s the shape and feel I’m looking for. I’m going with purple with silver splash. Can’t wait!

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Honestly, both are very stable. The Too Hot plays a little more laid back. For me, they make great yoyos to learn with as they’re pretty forgiving and long spinning. I’m waiting for the Galaxy edition of the Czech Point to come out next month as much as I don’t technically need a second CzPoint…but I’m a sucker for Galaxy editions.

The Purple Silver Splash Too Hot looks really good, that’s the one I have.

I also own both, and I feel you’ve made the right choice.

Whilst I personally prefer the Czechpoint, few people have been able to get their hands on them yet so there isn’t exactly a general consensus on it by the masses.

By comparison, a lot of people own TooHOT’s by this point, and many many good things have been said about it. I know that Gregp, Totalartist and yoyodoc all speak incredibly highly of it, so whilst it didn’t really strike a chord with me, there’s a very large chance it will do with you… especially since you already like the shape. :slight_smile:

Either would have been a great choice though. Yoyofactory’s budget metal game is definitely on point. 8)

I have played Shutter vs. CZPoint and I can tell you that they are definitely different. Shutter’s solid and a little on the weighty side, and the CZPoint is lighter and feels a little bit smoother on the string, less clunky.

Either one will be great. By the way great emthod of narrowing down your choices! :slight_smile:

I might go Metallic Purple over splash purple. Maybe. It’s a risky move. This is tough people.

I haven’t been able to get my hands on a CzechPoint, so I will recommend the TooH.O.T. It’s one of my favorite players, YYF TooH.O.T. and Dream are both awesome. :slight_smile:

https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3712/19586489975_e302b95a94_z.jpgTooHOTgoldengalaxyx by Total Artist, on Flickr

https://farm1.staticflickr.com/278/18963920174_a3e7148bd9_z.jpgTooHOTgap by Total Artist, on Flickr

https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8565/16503385250_c1d390eea1_z.jpgTATH3q by Total Artist, on Flickr

I don’t know from CZpoint, but I know that the TooH.O.T. is absolutely amazing. Love that yoyo.

Than everyone for your replies to this post. I appreciate the advice.

I ordered the… wait for it… YYF Too H.O.T. - Purple w/silver splash. I can’t wait!

Awesome! That purple and silver looks even better in person, enjoy the Too Hot! It’s definitely one of my favorites!

…Now for those Czech Points (with the new colorways) to release in the US…really want that Galaxy one, something to join my solid black CzechPont…also one of my favorites!