Yoyofactory Too HOT

Hey guys! I just saw this on facebook and was wondering if anyone got one?
I love the HOT and wanted to know more details on this.


Curious on the specs for this one. After how much I loved the Cascade I had to give the H.O.T. a try but it was just a little too wide for me

Is this still Harold’s sig? I really liked the original HOT and this piques my interest.

Since H.O.T. still stands for Harold Owens the third I would guess it is still his sig. Super excited for this one.

Oh. I thought it was “100” not “Too.”

I think it plays well so far. My bearing still needs a bit more break in time.

Is it undersized? Can you post a picture of the catchzone?

Can you post some pictures of it?
I’d love to see what it looks like

i tried it. quite smooth. honestly, it looks just like a H.O.T. except maybeee a bit wider. Andre said they would cost around $50 when actually released.

Now you have captured my interests

It is mid-sized. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/70276424/Photo%20Mar%2003%2C%2021%2053%2038.jpg

That thing looks crazy wide!!! Like a diablo or something?
Or maybe that’s the camera?

it is pretty wide. but not superwide wide. btw, that white mark at the bottom says PROTOTYPE.

I’m sorry… $50!!!

Is no one else a little surprised at the price???

I thought this would be more or the same price as the H.O.T.!

I have the blue with gold splash H.O.T and love it! Plays extra well with Epic Strings-whippy.

Now I can’t wait to get one of these!

well, prototype was 50. i specifically remembered asking Andre what actual release price was, and he said around 50. besides, czm8 and shutter are in that price range, and they’re pretty good.

Isn’t the czm8 $67.99?

Kinda shaped like a quake. Very nice.

Played one at Cal States, plays pretty sweet. Didn’t pick one up though.

The prototypes were! New ones are priced like a shutter!

Yeah, now I’m interested. If YYF wanted to increase interest in their brand by having ultra-competitive pricing, I think it’s working.