Too H.O.T. First Release & H.O.T. Comparisons

Well, as you know, the TooH.O.T. First Release just dropped in purple and red. I was dying to get one, and compare it to the TooH.O.T. prototype.

I put the Prototype and First Release on a calibrated scale. Prototype 67.08g and First Release 66.94g. My first impression, after throwing one and then the other, is that the first release seemed to play both lighter and faster than the prototype. It is a different play experience, for sure. The First release also looks more similar to the original H.O.T. For these reasons, it made sense to me, to release it in both versions. I, personally, preferred the feel of the heavier playing Prototype. But, I enjoy them both, and despite my preference, I believe the First Release will appeal to the masses a bit more than the Prototype.

I’ll have fun switching between them. If the TooH.O.T. gets even a third of the different looks the Shutter has, I think the TooH.O.T. will do very well on the market.

Nice job Fact’ry!

Quick photos for you. Prototype says “Prototype,” :wink: First release is purple, and original H.O.T. is black (middle). by The TotalArtist, on Flickr by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Thanks for the comparison. Any differences in the cup? If they play differently, I suspect that’s where the changes will be.

Another yoyo to compare in my wishlist, because it’s in the 45$ range. Shutter/TooHOT/CZM8/other $45 yoyos? So many to choose from

Nice pictures, by the way! Do you have any pictures of the CZM8 that look like that? Wanted to compare it to a Shutter because I’ve borrowed one and I know what it feels like.

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^No problem. There are a few slight differences in the cup, but what is slight aesthetically, can mean more difference in play. From my observations, a slightly wider hub nub thingie or nipple. And, there is a ridge inside surrounding the hub area, that appears to be taken down a notch (less pronounced) in the First Release. IRG feels about the same, if anything a tad more on the Prototype. That is hardly noticeable, or maybe even no different. Grind rings around the edge used for Harold’s palm grinds, are thinner and longer on the first release as well. Prototype they seemed a bit flatter and fatter. That sums it up mostly. I’ll try to get cup shots that reflect all that. I’ll see if I can pull it off.

Very nice comparison TotalArtist, I’ll definitely have to pick up a Too H.O.T. just not sold on the current production colors.

Buggot here’s a comparison of the Shutter and CZM8 for you :


Thanks. I’m working on a few new shots, but I doubt they will fully capture the slight differences. I’ll do my best though. :wink:

I’ll work on a comparison of the two for you and PM you a link. I’ll probably post it in the Exhibition section in that related yoyos thread.

Thanks! Didn’t know about that website. Going to check it out some more :slight_smile:

Also TotalArtist, thanks in advance. Take your time :slight_smile:

Thanks for comparing them TotalArtist :slight_smile:
I had asked a couple days ago about the weight and you answered my question!

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Nice little comparison and great info! Glad that there’s someone that will go ahead and do the little things for this forum. You sure do contribute a ton here TA and always look forward to your thoughts… Especially the pictures! Please keep up the awesome work! ;D

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^ Thanks again Jgarcia05, I always look forward to your contributions too. :slight_smile:

While taking these photos, besides the ridges around the rim, the little bump just outside the hub, and the size of the hub, I noticed a tiny little difference in the engraving on the hub too.


Thanks for those. Interesting to spot the differences! But you’re right-- they’re subtle indeed.

How is the finish of the first release? I recently tried an old one from a friend and was able to pull off 8 or 9 seconds on a finger grind, does the new one hold up to the same grindability?

^ It holds up. The finish is more similar to the blasted Shutter than the Prototype TooH.O.T. But it will certainly do the job. It has more of a grind finish with a shinier look at the same time. Prototype TooH.O.T. had more of a matte finish.

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Thanks for the great pictures TA! I’m definately interested in the TooH.O.T, I’m just not a big fan of the colours out at the moment. I’m hoping YYF will Galaxy/Alien Galaxy it so I can buy about 10. ;D

Thanks Gambit. I’m sure in a future run, there will be a color for you. It plays fantastic too. I haven’t been throwing anything else, the last several days, since I got it.

Just as an update, I’ve been playing the First Release TooH.O.T. for awhile now. I prefer the finish on the prototype, but the First Release has grown on me and I’m not sure which one I like better now. It’s funny how you spend some time with a throw and you can change your mind about it. That TooH.O.T. plays nothing short of amazing. I’m loving it.

When I got a shutter I didn’t expect much. When it arrived I was quickly amazed. I’m weighing the option of getting a TooH.O.T.

Should I press purchase and expect greatness?

I think the TooH.O.T. is even better than the Shutter, for the same price. Just my personal preference, but go for it!

I agree as far as the yyf budget metals go the too hot really ranks up there above the shutter in my opinion