YYF Too HOT ProtoType Release & Harold Owens III LIVE CHAT!


Join us for a VERY special release!

A small ProtoType run of Harold Owens III new Signature Model the Too HOT!


This Special Release happens Friday night at 10:00PM EST. But JOIN US early at 9:00 PM EST where we will have a LIVE CHAT on YouTube with the legend himself Harold Owens III! You can ask questions and find out just why this yo-yo is so special!

Link to Live Chat is Here:

Why is this a Prototype Run – YoYoFactory Explains:

We expected to be releasing tooHOT this month. Samples came in, we loved it, Harold loved it. We were set. There is however a big difference between making one or 2 yo-yos and making a fun run and when we scaled up production we couldn’t repeat the performance. The design was just too close to the edge. We went through and hand tested every yoyo. Some of them were the same great performance we thought we could deliver, those yo-yos are now the PROTOYPE too H.O.T. As for what the production tooH.O.T. will look like we can’t answer that yet as we are still making samples and getting it right.


Have a question for Harold already? Post them here - we will keep a list and possibly ask your question live!




Harold, could you tell us what exactly you and Ben wanted to tweak with the prototype Too H.O.T. that would eventually make its way onto the production version? I own a prototype of it myself and am curious. It plays pretty smooth with the CTX and it’s grown on me!


What specific events eventually led you from taking titles in small contest to taking the national title in 2011?

How do you come up with such technical yet smooth combinations?


Hey Harold! How many tooHOTs will be released and what percentage of them am I allowed to buy?
Like 60-80%? Haha.

Seriously though, super excited.

Edit: How will the proto play compared to the production? More stable or less stable?

(LinkDawg) #7

Is there an estimated price?


When you go to new releases it says $51.99.


There’s a typo on the page it says that its being released march 26th but Friday is the 28th



I believe I will wait until the first true run so I can get better colorways (possibly).


YoYoFactory TooHOT Launch Video!

Keep those questions coming!


What are some of the most important differences between the Original HOT and the TooHOT?

Are there any players who have drastically influenced your style? If so who?

Any players who just completely amaze you with their style and tricks?


What is your favorite color/colorway?

Who is your favorite yoyoer?


What has had the biggest impact on your yoyoing career?

How did YoyoFactory ‘discover’ you?


How do you think your life would be different if yoyoing didn’t exist?


What is your favorite type of Dorito?


Do you wear high socks, ankle socks, or no-shows?


Do you still use Epic Strings for practice? :wink:


What’s it like placing high at the national Yoyo contest in Chico?

(velez_adrian) #20

Hey I was at MN states this year and you signed my harold owns edition catalyst. Did you really like the yoyo?