Too HOT Prototype "Stamp"

Can anyone tell me if the Too HOT’s Prototype stamp is a stamp that could be chemically removed somehow or if it is engraved?

I’d like to get one, but that prototype business ruins the look of the throw for me. If it can’t be removed, I guess I’ll just have to wait for the final release.

It’s engraved…

You can get custom ano that will make it harder to see, but not impossible. Waiting for the full release may be the best option for you.

Ahh, ok. Thanks for the tips. Any one have any rumors what the full release colorways might include? I’m willing to wait anyway, guess I can just quench my thirst for a new throw with an Echo 2 or something in the meantime.

I have a few guesses:
Blue and gold (Harold’s favorite I believe)
YYE edition? There were a bunch of black and red HOTs and silver with black and red.
Ann Connolly will get an edition eventually, so something related to blue and purple and pink?

My guesses. If I get any right I would feel pretty good haha.

Any rumors on when the production version will be released?

I don’t like that stamp either

The only answer I have heard is “When it’s ready.”

I like the “Prototype” engraving.

its engraved but who cares, if its a good yoyo (which it is) then looks dont matter.

That’s a lie. People will say “looks don’t matter” in regards to anything when in fact, most of the time, they matter more than you want to believe.

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I agree. Makes it look “special.” It also might give more trade value in the future because it has engraved proof of “prototype.”

Don’t mind having ‘prototype’ engraved on the throw, I just wished it was on the cup of the yoyo somewhere with the rest of the engravings instead of isolated on the rim/catch zone like that.


Yeah. I don’t mind it but, honestly, this looks pre-meditated. It’s like production started and then they decided they wanted something changed so they just decided to make the messed up production run a “prototype”. lol

I don’t mind the engraving, same as what BC said. It will set that run apart from the future runs. This will always be the first one, so the engraving will show that. YoyoExpert describes that while they did not get the consistency they were looking for in performance for this run, they hand tested each one to be sold on YoyoExpert, and it does meet their performance standard.

I’m sold. I have four of the original H.O.T., and I think I’m going to love this one.

I wasn’t speaking on performance. I just don’t think huge run should be classified as a prototype.

I never stated that you spoke on performance. I only referred to BC’s point (in agreement), and made a new point about the performance if anyone had that concern. So, I didn’t quote you.

You have a right to your opinion about what YoyoFactory should have done with their yo-yos. But, I just think YoyoFactory has the same right to their opinion…because after all, they are their yo-yos. Regardless whether anyone likes the “prototype” idea, what’s done is done, and people will buy…or not. Any run of yo-yos ever made…some like it, some don’t.

I will enjoy looking at my “prototype” and eventually see if I can find a difference between it and the final version. Probably not, but it will be fun trying. People like me will have fun with this “prototype” thing.

One was mine, so they only had to sell 99, and that one rhymed, one time for your mind. Freestyle off the top. I’m going to start showing you guys some of my skills at the end of posts. It’s going to be an added bonus for those of you who read to the end. :smiley:

I’m a pro and you’re lookin like the prototype. :smiley:

I’m in a zone…

Yoyofactory made it,
And I’m elated,
plus, I think it’s the greatest,
And I haven’t even played it,
Best Prototype,
And, you know I’m right,
So stop all this whining,
And just go online and buy it,
Hurry up and check,
Not that many are left…
I saw Harold on chat,
and I was sold on that.

Freestyle off the top. I might start giving the whole post in rhyme from now on. I have to keep you guys entertained. :smiley:

Yoyoyo pots
I can also rhyme
I ordered a tooHOT
And I like raspberry pie
The yoyo is so great
I want to put a string on it
Batman has a cape
And a brand new refrigerator
I want my yoyo now
I hope I won’t smell like a cow
It’s time to end my rhymes
So I can eat my pie


I know that was bad, I’m just joking (not that I could do any better).