Too HOT Prototype "Stamp"

That’s a start. :wink: I feel a Too HOT song coming on. Prototype remix. :smiley:

I have a chorus now.

Don’t like the stamped Too HOT,
Then, use what you’ve got,
but, that stuff is OLD,
And that’s why I’m…SOLD.

…off the top. :smiley: Still in the zone.

Does anyone know if the price for the final version will be the same as the proto? I was actually thinking about getting an original hot, but if the new one is cheaper then I’ll wait

My purchased was shipped today ;D ;D ;D should be here by Wednesday or Thursday if everything goes smoothly

As for the stamp, I like it because it gives it a unique quality that will separate it from future runs

@Cerulean the price should stay in the same with solid colors being even less expensive

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Thanks! Hope they release a color way similar to the Ann Connolly edition H.O.T