50/50 yoyo thread 11/16 50/50 production run is SOLD OUT!

Im thinking of doing protos and a super small run (30-50 pieces total) of this throw that ive put a lot of time into the past week or so.

Its 50mm diameter x 50mm width, weighing between 59-60 grams and sporting a 4.35 gap width, its an ultrawide undersized organic. I wouldnt be looking to make money, and would price the yoyos accordingly to cover the cost of everything (protos, product, packaging, shipping, etc.)

Just looking to see if anyone is interested before i pull the trigger. I have a yoyo design getting made by retic as our next design, but this one is a bit more out there in terms of specs and design, which is why im thinking about an individual release.

Lmk if you guys would be interested at all, or have anything to say. Thanks homies :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

6/27 i am thinking of either doing a solid/halfswap color scheme or a fade color scheme. Id like to go all or nothing in terms of which one we choose just to make it easier in terms of pricing. This isnt the poll to choose the actual colors yet, but just the type. Please comment or add any ideas for any colors you might like. After this poll runs I’ll move onto specific colors and fades. Thanks guys!

  • Solid color/halfswap
  • Fade color

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6/29 a more detailed response is on page 52, but here are the current color ideas:

Proto color:

Run color idea: (i can only choose 1 color)

Engraving idea: (have to figure out where… 1 rim, both rims, or cup)

Thanks again everyone for the continued support

Heres renders in different light environments of what the colors will look like: let me know if you have any questions!

Green : GreenSkylight2 GreenSkylight1 Greenphotobooth2 Greenphotobooth1

PurpleGrey: PurpleSkylight2 PurpleSkylight1 PurplePhotobooth2 PurplePhotobooth1

Have a couple tweaks to do before sending it to the shop, but so far so good! let me know how these colors appeal to you all!

7/1 UPDATE: protos have been ordered. Probably another month until they’ll be here. But its exciting!

9/1 UPDATE: protos have been completed after a lot of struggle and some changes to the design to prevent tool crashing (find post 97 for a more in depth look at the process) Here’s what they look like now:

They are currently being anodized and then shipped. I can’t wait to try them, send them out to friends and possibly reviewers, and gather as much feedback as possible before deciding on if changes are needed for a production run of 50. Thank you all for the patience.


The 50/50s are here! This is a dream come true for me and im excited to share it with all of you this week! Sale will happen through DMs here or instagram, and start either Thursday or Friday afternoon. There will be 55 total. A grades will be 55 shipped, b grades will be 45 shipped total. Thanks for following me on this journey!


hell yeah!! this is exactly what i like, i love wide but i also love undersized. Would be soo fun!!


Love the weight and shape, but I’m not a huge fan of the lines on the rim, not a deal breaker though. One question, a little hard to tell from the renders - Does the rim have a lip or is it more of an even weight distribution throughout? Either way I’d consider picking one up.


It’s very intriguing, have you considered whether stability would be an issue at 50mm diameter and width?


Thanks for the love/questions so far guys!

@PCaliyoyos glad this is something youre interested in, thanks for the support on the CAD thread too :slight_smile:

@YoYoExpertGarrett i agree with the line, the plan in my head is to have that line be an engraving on one side of the yoyo (similar to the bassalope in my profile picture here) to keep the smooth organic shape while having something simple to help it stand out a bit. The rim is also curved over a little bit with an IGR. I started yoyoing back when thumb grinds and matador play were a bit more popular (and something I came to enjoy) so those aspects were something I wanted to include. Edit: i missed one part of your question. The design is pretty even weighted throughout the body but definitely a bit more weight is concentrated in the rim.

@Mep im glad the design caught your eye. I dont have prototypes so my answer is going to be what I have thought while designing the yoyo: Since its a smaller and lighter yoyo, stability will not be as high as your standard yoyo, however, compared to other yoyos its size I believe it will be pretty stable due to the width. I love the ultrawide concept, however most ultrawide yoyos have a similar heavy and rocklike feel on the string, and that is something I wanted to move away from, hence the lighter weight.


I like the idea of keeping the rims smooth personally, engraving could be a nice touch too if done right. And I like the IGR, even if not for grinds, it improves the weight distribution IMO. As long as you’re keeping it 60g or under it sounds like a design I’d enjoy!


yeah dude, my pleasure! i’d be super interested in trying one of these once they aren’t just a CAD file. i actually like the line, i have a few yoyos that have it and i think it gives the yoyo more aesthetics.


The plan is to keep it below 60g to stick with the theme of 50. The render has it at 56 grams without guts, so hoping the guts are under 4 grams even with a 10mm axle.


The line near the gap is staying for sure. The line near the rim just might be an engraving on one side, giving people who dont want a line (or a line on both sides) to half swap if they want.


would that effect weight distribution at all?


No. The rim line atm would barely be able to be felt. Taking it off would add maybe a hundreth or 2 of a gram


Ah ok, looks great!


Definitely interested in this!!! Woah!


It’s a lot like the Qubit? Maybe more stable?


Slightly wider than the qubit, a bit over 3mm larger in diameter, but a lot lighter and sporting an organic shape instead of an H/W-esque shape. I dont have protos, but im gonna take a guess and say about the same stability as a qubit.


Im interested and down with you!


Very Interested/ing


This looks cool. Hard to tell from the render but does it have an IRG? Also, what type of finishes do you have in mind?

Looking good though!


It looks like a cool design, I love wide organic shapes. I’m interested!


Yes, has a thumb grind lip! As for finish, just a standard bead blast probably.