has anyone tried a too hot? It’s pretty cheap for a yoyo of its looks, idk if i should get it. Just wondering what peoples opinions are on it. Thanks


Super stable! The TooHOT is an awesome throw. The only bad thing I can say about it is that the rims can be a little hard on the hand when you catch it, but it’s not that big of a deal unless you’re catching a hard throw without letting it slow down at all. The catch zone is wide and it’s easy to land on the string and the grinding surface is really nice.

Overall, it’s a great throw at a great price! I highly recommend it.

(Erik Kerber ) #3

I got to throw one at MN states.

And I liked it it was a good throw the rims were a little to steep for my tastes but it was still a great yoyo.


My carry everywhere throw. Smooth and good. Stable, grinds well, and can even pull off fingerspins and palm grinds.


Its a good throw. I’m not sure what was wrong with them to discount them like they did but its a good throw.


I’m pretty sure they weren’t discounted. They were considered a prototype run though. That’s because the design is a little hard for their machines to make perfect every time so they’ll have to tweak it to make the machining more consistent.


How many were made?


I guess I just assumed that since its like half the price as the hot, and the fact that they said it wasn’t perfected yet. I guess if they produce the “perfect” ones and sell them at 52 bucks then cool.


Does anyone know how many were made?


120 were made in the first run. 30 came a few weeks later so 150 total I believe.