Too H.O.T


How well does the too hot work. According to spin times, stable, and grinding


As good as any other competition yoyo. spins longer then you need, more stable then you need, and grinds good. Some yoyos are probably going to be better for grinds.
The thing I like best about it is, how it throws. It has a good throw too if for a yoyo with such a wide gap.


The tooHOT is a competition beast. Nice shape with tons of stability. Spins long enough for anything I can do. Grinds are amazing. I get an average of 8 seconds on this thing. One of my favorites.


Agreed with above 100%

The TooHOT is really stable. If I’m practicing a long combo and keep running out of spin with another throw, I’ll switch to the TooHOT and many times it spins longer enough to let me finish the troublesome combo! I can’t say enough about the stability. It’s insane.

The grinding surface is top notch. It’s smooth, but not to the point if becoming sticky with humidity. Palm grinds are nice with it because of two ridges machined into the rims for reduced friction.

The shape makes cutting through string segments a breeze at the cost of a slightly less comfortable catch at high speeds, but it’s not an issue. It’s just not as nice to catch as something with more rounded rims like a cascade…

Bottom line? I highly recommend this throw. I love mine!