Onedrop Benchmark VS YYF Too Hot

Which one performs better, is my question.

I’d take a TooHot any day, but I haven’t played all the benchmarks.

anyone else?

Anymore suggestions?

Is there a particular Benchmark you have your eye on?

The V shape 2014 version.

I need more people give their opinions.

I’ve been extremely happy with the Benchmarks but haven’t played the Too Hot. The Benchmark V was my least favorite. I prefer the H or W. I also like the idea of being able to switch out side effects either to reduce weight or add spikes.

The OD Benchmark W and YYF Too HOT are very different yo-yos. Instead of asking people for their opinion on “this yo-yo vs that yo-yo” over and over, try explaining what you are looking for in a new yo-yo and ask for recommendations. You’ll get better answers.

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Garrett knows what’s up. They’re so different.

To not leave you hanging, I’ll answer a different question: “If you were forced to keep only one of these in your collection, which would you keep?”

I would probably keep the TooHOT because I like that yoyo a lot. It doesn’t perform “better”, I just like it better than the Benchmark V and I have a bit of an attachment to mine. But none of that has to do with comparing the McIntosh apple to the Golden Delicious apple. They’re apples, but they’re quite different.

As Garrett says-- let us know what you’re looking for in a yoyo and it won’t be long before you have a list to choose from.

OK, I’m looking for which yoyo spins longer, easier to learn horizontal tricks with & is more stable

Longer spinning and more stable, I give the edge to TooHOT. For the horizontal I don’t know how they compare to be honest.