What Should I get?


Alright, I’m in a bit of a pickle here. I have to make my mind up on which yoyo should I get. YYF Nova or a Onedrop Benchmark. The new colors for the benchmark just came out but there is only 2 novas left and after these two are out yoyoexpert ain’t gonna sell them anymore. I’m leaning to a Onedrop Benchmaark but not too sure which should I get. I cancelled out the organic so I’m either getting the H- Shape or V- Shape.


Just because it’s going to sell out doesn’t mean it’s rare or anything. Go for a benchmark to be honest. Great for the price. The v shape would be my choice.


Really it depends if you want undersized or midsized. Benchmarks are probably they way to go, since it is a more standard yoyo. You can choose which shape you want. I have a benchmark “O” and I really love it. I definitly want to try a “V”. If I wanted to get a yoyo that had the same shape as the nova, I would just go with the supernova. I own a supernova and have played a nova and I would say the supernova is much better in stability and spin times.


Benchmark hands down

(Erik Kerber ) #5

I have never tried a bench mark or a nova so Im not sure which one plays better but If I were you I would go for a benchmark they look amazing and there cheap plus you can pick whatever shape you want

BTW shouldn’t this be in looking for help/recommendation

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BENCHMARK O SHAPE!!! That shape is extremely comfortable in the hand and it’s the best yoyo you’ll find for 65$ or whatever it is. GET ONE


benchmark V or Level 6


I actually love the H best of the 3 benchmarks, second the O, but I changed the SE to a disk now its sweet. I cant seem to get the feel for the V yet. I need to play more I guess. or switch out the SE as I did with the O

(major_seventh) #9

Benchmark. That over a Nova = no brainer


If u want undersized then go nova. I have one on my bst for half the price of retail.

If u want full then go for a benchmark. I’d go for the H.


If you really wanted an undersized throw the werrd minute would be a better choice I think


That’s a good point.


If I were you I would get the One Drop Benchmark V-Shape.


I used to have a yomega brain and I could do some tricks but I could it do a lot of them I was jw if it was not good 4 tricks and I want to get back in to yoyoing so I was looking at a yoyojam speeder2 will this allow meto do what I could not do on the yomega?

(major_seventh) #15

I would look in to getting a Dark Magic, or if you want one that can handle everything and full metal, the Shutter


The yoyojam speeder2 is more than capable of doing those tricks but is still not an excellent throw. I would personally just pick up a yoyojam classic and speedaholic. Both are excellent throws with unique shapes and are much more up to date than the DM2. This way you get a top notch responsive yoyo and a great unresponsive throw.

If you’re more interested in getting just one yoyo that’s unresponsive you can pick up the yoyofacotry shutter or C3 level 6.

(major_seventh) #17

However, the DM2 has a high gap wall, which will force you to learn to throw straight, vs the Classic which has a low gap wall. A Classic or Speedaholic would be great too, but a yoyo with a higher gap wall will help you with your technique, I guess lol :slight_smile:


loluh, just dont hate on the sp2. Mine easily outperforms even the izm and the protostar in terms of spin time and stability. Feels much smoother than the izm at slacks and rejections, and quite above the PS at fast string hittings and directional changes, while being as good as the izm at horizontals and as the PS at body maneuvers.
However HOWEVer
All of these are with a KK bearing and a pair of spacers in. Both my sp2s came smooth without the spacers, but with them, the 4 combinations of their 4 halves only produced 1 smooth one, but 3 with vibe. Although stock sp2s appear smoother than the average izms (both of mine vibe, lol yyj umad), youl more than double the chance of getting a vibey one if you r going to add shims anyway. And without those the sp2 ll be much more prone to tilting. (But still no string clogging, oddly)

The sp2 is definitely an underrated (read: good design trolled by the terribad YYJ low-end quality standard and epic market orientation fail) throw imo.