Shutter vs Benchmark H/V/O


A little earlier I posted a topic about getting a new throw, and I’ve narrowed it down to these four. Which one would you guys prefer? How different do these play?


When One Drop released the Benchmark series, they wanted to create a literal yoyo benchmark. Each yoyo has the same weight, size, diameter and everything. The only thing that differs in the profile shape either H, V, or O. I have yet to play with a benchmark so this is all personal opinion. But to me the benchmarks seem rather plain. One drop created them to be standard model for what a H, V and O shaped yoyo should be. Nothing more and nothing less so there really isnt anything special.
If you do decide to go with the benchmarks, make sure you know which shape of yoyo you prefer.
For example I like V shapes the best.

But even still, if youre like me and like V shapes, I would recommend a Code 2 or rally over a benchmark.
or a genesis over the Benchmark H and so on.
But on the plus side, benchmarks have side effects!
HOWEVER! the benchmarks are created by one drop. Which is an amazing and fantastic yoyo company. Nothing. and I mean nothing leaves their shop without being a great product. So you can’t go wrong with anything one drop.
Just for me, I would rather more pazazz in my yoyos than the benchmark series.

As for the shutter, with that, you are getting something totally different. I own 2 shutters and they are fantastic. It has a completely unique feel and play and it slays at fingerspins, grinds, and horizontals. Plus its $45 if you get mono colored whereas the benchmark is $65ish?
The one thing I have to say about the shutter is that it takes some time getting used to. Like I said, its a very unique yoyo. So when I first threw it I was taken back and did not know how to react or play with such a yoyo. But once I got used to its feel, it became a deadly machine.

So now for the part you were looking for. My recommendation. and although youre probably saying I am going to say shutter, I actually dont have a recommendation. I would consider both an amazing product for their price. Although personally, I prefer the shutter, I say you cant go wrong with either. It all comes down to what you want in a yoyo. If you want something basic that can deliver contest worthy performance (benchmark), or something unique that will take you on a yoyo adventure (shutter).


The benchmarks may look plain but they don’t play that way. I played with the H shape at PNWR, super smooth and long spin time. I have an O and it is so good. One of those yoyos while playing in public someone walks up and says “is that thing even spinning”!


Have you considered the newly released Shu-Ta? It’s supposed to be an improved 7075 version of the shutter so I might consider that as well.

Of the 4 I’d probly grab a shutter since I’m a fan of it’s overall shape and play more.


Thanks! That helped a lot. I’m leaning towards the shutter right now, but maybe I can one of both!


I have all three Benchmarks and just ordered the Shutter after playing it. You really can’t go wrong with any of them. They all feel different. The V and the H are my favorite of the Benchmarks. The. H is a stability monster, the O is fun and laid back, and the V is a good balance between them. My personal opinion is if you buy a Benchmark, you should end up getting them all. It’s great to be able to see how different they play with similar specs, and the side effects are fun. Even if you’re not good enough to notice small weight differences, you can personalize them. Lego side effects are too cool! That being said, you simply cannot go wrong with the Shutter. Buy what looks best to you.