OD Benchmark H vs Shutter

I want to start saving for an H shape yoyo. These two are what I’ve narrowed it down to but I don’t know which to get. I hear more about the Shutter, but the majority of what I have is YYF so I would like some variety. Thanks for the help!

I’m gonna probably get some hate for this answer but definitely the benchmark. Personally i like this alot more. And it’s also cool to change up the brand so you have a variety

I have them both, and love them both. I think, though, I’d go with the benchmark too.

i myself personally would prefer the benchmark just because it s lighter, lol

I love my Shutter, and haven’t tried the Benchmark. Technically my vote has to go to the Shutter, but I will say that I’ve really been wanting to try the benchmark H.

Go with the benchmark H. There both really good yoyo’s but OD is gonna have better build qaulity IMO.

Yeah, I’ve really wanted to get an OD eventually because of how good of a company they are