Help me decide.?

OK so I won the sleeper contest on reddit throwers help me decide which of these yoyo should I get. Here’s the link.

Not bothering opening the link here’s the list of yoyos.
OneDrop Benchmark – sOMEThING Firmy – iYoYo 2 Pro – YoYo Officer Hatchet 2 – YoYoFactory Cyborg 2.0 – YoYoFactory Shu-Ta – YoYoJam Transcend YoYoFactory Horizon – YoYoOfficer Muskett – YoYoFactory Too H.O.T – OneDrop Rally – sOMEThING Versus

Not a I yoyo 2 pro and YoYoJam transcend as they are only available in red. And not a Yoyofactory horizon as I have tried it not a not a Yoyofactory Shu ta as I have a shutter as I know shu ta is more heftier the shutter.

As far the preference goes I don’t know I even like floty and even solid yoyos so u can’t tell.

Out of these which one should I buy.

Like if you can tell the qualities as in which is the fastest or the most stable or the most floaty. Pros and con’s?

wait so do you just not have any preferences lol

Well I have but its not like I also like Yoyofactory Shutter and even Yoyofactory Horizon.

If I know how the yoyos I listed perform like if a yoyo plays fast so I’ll take look in to it more if its more bit of hefty I’ll really not be that much Interested as I have 2 or 3 hefty yoyos.

YYO makes extremely solid throws. I’d definitely go with the Hatchet 2 if it was me.

I would probly grab a too hot or cyborg 2. Hatchet is pretty close to the shutter as well. Versus is a bit small and I find the benchmarks to be boring. Firmy 2 is already out so I don’t see the point in getting the original.

You know I gotta say OD Benchmark. Boring? Wha?!

Bearing? One of the best available.
Response? Same
Machining quality? Same
Company? The best. Designed and machined personally inhouse at Onedrop.
Axel? Side effect! Want it heavier? No prob. Lighter (?!) again no prob. Afraid of chance of body thread damage? Not even possible.

At the end of the day, look at all the dimensions, weights, body shapes available (cough again benchmark cough) and choose based on what you think you might like. I’d take Benchmark in a heart beat.

They are a bit boring, haven’t thrown them all though. Quality and performance is superb, but they lack character IMO.

I don’t find the Benchmarks lack character at all. They’re lovely!

I would still be tempted to go TooHOT or Cyborg 2.0, though. I can play TooHOT for days.

Thanks for the response was too eager so decided before you people commented guess I made the right choice I opted for a Yoyofactory cyborg 2.0.

I was really divided i n to 2 hot and cyborg but cyborg got the edge as its my favorite players pat Borg’s SIG.

And for hatchet I read its really solid so I opted out of it and the benchmarks do look like bit boring.