What Yoyo would you recommend me?

I’ve had a couple of months into this new hobby and I have loved every second of it. Wondering “What could be my next throw?” has passed my mind lately, even though I got one last month. The yoyos I have are a Velocity(broken, first yoyo), a Shutter(pretty beat up, barely playable but still fun to throw occasionally) and a Horizon (awesome yoyo!). I would like something that I can practice my tricks and make new ones, that is stable and long spinning are my only two requirements. The hardest trickI can accomplish now is cold fusion. It can be from any company but please make it so that it doesn’t exceed $160(if its under 100, it would be much better). I would like to hear your recommendations :). Thanks! :smiley:
P.S.: It can be other styles that aren’t 1A, but preferably that style or a beginner 5A yoyo.
P.P.S: Mind my English, it’s not my main language.

I’d pick one of these

Your English is fine, especially if it is your second language. :slight_smile:

You have a good set of beginner yo-yos and some of the better budget ones from YYF. Since you are a beginner I would recommend sticking to the budget lines until you find a setup that clicks with you. Some of the better budgets are:

One Drop Rally (A great plastic that plays like a metal)

One Drop Benchmark Series (They are all the same specs but are different shapes, allowing you to see what shape you like best. They are also Side Effect capable so you can change the weighting)

If you want to venture into higher priced yo-yos that will not kill your wallet I would recommend the following two. Both are personal favorites of mine that are pretty much rotate as my daily carry:

G Squared Aftershock

One Drop MarkMont Classic

Well, the horizons and the shutter can take you a lot farther than cold fusion, so I wouldn’t abandon them yet


Recess Weekend.

One Drop Benchmark H should get you pretty far. If you like the horizon, check out the YYO Orbis and the C3 Accelerator.

I’m not saying I will abandon my horizon, Im not even close to do it since I love it so much. I just want to try out other shapes,weights, sizes of yoyos.

Wow! I didn’t expect to recieve this help :D. You guys showed me many yoyoes that look so interesting! Thanks :D. (The ones I most like are the Iyoyo steel,YYO Orbis and the OD H Benchmark)
But are there any other yoyoes that match or surpass these?

The nice thing about the OD Benchmarks is you can change the side effects to adjust the weight of the yoyo. H shape throws will usually be very stable. 2 more I can recommend are the Savage Seas Set Sail and the OD Markmont Classic if you like organic shapes.

Is that true :O. What effects does this have on the yoyo?

One Drop produces several kinds of side effects in different weights and shapes. It can make them feel more floaty vs solid on the string, make it a little easier to get faster or slower, ect. If you like matador style, there is also spike side effects. It just makes the yoyo easily customizable to the players preference.

Dogma, Aviator 2, TooHot, Space Cowboy, Octave 1, Hatchet 2

Personally if you don’t mind what style it is for, I would get a setup for each. For 1a and 5a I would stick with the horizon. For 2a a set of yyf loop 1080’s. 3a two replays. For 4a the yyf flight. That’s personally what I would do just so that I could try any style I want. Those plus accessories would only be around $120-130.

I love the YYF VKSS. It is $120 and meets all of your requirements, plus it is just a joy to throw!

If you are looking at higher priced models then definitely give the MarkMont Classic a look. In my opinion it is currently the best aluminum yoyo that One Drop makes. It is also Side Effect enabled for extra customizability.

I think you already recommended that :wink:

Which would be the best side effect for a benchmark and/or a MarkMont? And if there are other cool yoyos I want to see them. But bimetals look cool…

The side effects that come with the benchmarks are good. The markmont classic comes with 2 sets, I like the brass domes on mine.

So should I get the IYoyo Steel, the Benchmark, or the Markmont? (These are my top 3) Or what do you guys think about the aviator 2?