Help! I can't decide


I’m not sure wether I want to buy an aviator, proton, or a cyborg, please help!


personally, I dislike the specs of all three of those. if you MUST choose one of them, ask yourself not which yoyo you want, but what you want in it. do you want stability? speed? fingerspins? grinding surface?


keep in mind I haven’t thrown either of the 3, but I can say for sure I’m not liking the chunky size of the aviator. I would prefer the specs of the cyborg, but its too ugly for me, I would probably buy the proton.


Thank you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I was also considering a phenom!


Phenom? personally not my taste. although the Next Level is one of the only yyj throws I appreciate. look into it.


Ok thanks!

(major_seventh) #7

There’s so much more out there from so many more brands other than YYJ and YYF. Explore! :slight_smile:
(not that YYJ and YYF are bad)


out of the three you said, aviator


Ya i know, see that’s the thing, I don’t even own a yyj and few yyf, I throw c3 and yoyofficer more than anything😝


Yoyos I’d consider going from lowest to highest price (some like the positron were adjusted for price since it only came in more expensive colorways. Same goes for the new genesis):

Of the 3 you listed I’d probly take the aviator though


It would help to know what you already have, that could make a difference in what you’re looking for.


wait for the bimetal aviator


When it comes to overall stability and pure performance, my personal favorite is an unhubstacked genesis.


Some of my overall favs are the
2012 genesis
Cypher etc


Genesis & superstar outperform most of the throws you listed, just saying.