Too Hot vs CZM8?!?!

Looking for yoyos for my two sisters. Stuck between the too hot and the czm8…I was thinking of getting both, and they would share. But I just want to hear a bit about them! They can both bind easily…they can use my shutter well. They just like the shapes of these ones. So lets hear your opinions! Thanks!

I’ve had a TooHoT for about 2 weeks. My thoughts are:

Very stable/ Long Spinning
Great Engravings
Good Response/ Bearing (CTX)
Nice Grind Surface
Looks bomb
Super Chill play
Good yoyo maybe better than shutter

Comparing the CZM8 to the prototype Too H.O.T, the Too H.O.T is more consistent in quality. Both Czm8’s that I’ve owned vibes heavily.

I own a tooHOT prototype and a czm8. The tooHOT is on the slower and more stable side. The czm8 is quicker and a little more nimble