Czech-Mate Vs. TooH.O.T Vs. Shutter?

Looking to get a new budget metal after christmas. Would like some input on those 3. Thanks

between those… honestly whichever looks better to you.

you wouldnt be happy with one and unhappy with another.

I haven’t played the CZM8 yet, but I can tell you that the TooHOT is awesome. I prefer it over the Shutter, but that’s just me.

It does look more desirable, but is it good for horizontal?

Do you DO horizontal? You will already know what’s good for horizontal. :wink: It’s pretty rim-weighted, so I would say yes… but… I don’t really do from horizontal.

I’ve seen horizontal on a wooden fixie. I suspect that the people who are really baller with horizontal can “make do” with any stable low-wall yoyo, and the TooHOT is stable and has low walls.