Anyone have a YYF Too H.O.T.?

I got one from Ben McPhee after a problem with my Equilateral. (Which was totally awesome of him!) so I’m wondering what anyone who got it at Cal State’s thought of it.

It is an Excellent high performance yoyo.

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I don’t know. I’m not digging it all that much. A bit undersized for my taste. It can take any trick you throw at it, but I wasn’t feeling it. Mine came equipped with a CTX, so I loved that.

Post a pic!

I don’t. But I want one.

I will definitely post a pic after school. Feeling the second semester senior attitude today.

One thing I noticed about it is that it isn’t forgiving on a bad throw. I do like the way it plays a lot, but I’m just not feeling it. I’d want a cascade for the bigger feel with the overall shape.

Wait, it’s undersized? Interest piqued…

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After a little more scrutiny and a review of my yoyo terms, I found that the Too H.O.T. isn’t undersized, it’s midsized. While I do like midsized, I’d personally like a yoyo of that shape to be bigger.

Here are the pics! I even included a comparison between it and my Hulk Smash Chief.

That looks very nice. I’m glad it’s blasted.

Oh, man. The grinds this thing can pull off. It sounded like a dremmel.

^^ That makes me really really want it.

Grind transfers are a breeze with this thing. Just gave it a try.

The original HOT grinds like a dream. I hope this one is just as good.

You don’t want a cascade if you don’t like the size of the Too Hot.

I’m pretty sure the cascade is a big smaller in diameter and it’s basically the same yoyo with side effects.

I want a Cascade and really liked it but I saw this. I still want te cascade but should i get this first? Is there a real difference in play? I don’t want two nearly indesquingishable yoyos in my case of three metals

I haven’t played with a Cascade, but from what I can tell, the Too H.O.T. is a beast at taking on tricks at fast speeds. Pretty nimble. And the rounded edges are easy on the catch.

Does anyone know the release date?

It’s supposed to be due in March, so maybe this or next week.

Not gonna lie, I may put it on the b/s/t for the best offer since I just wasn’t feeling it too much, but I still appreciate the mighty deed that YYF Ben did for me by giving me this yoyo as a way to make up for a problem with my Equilateral. I mean, it’s a great yoyo, just not for me.

yeah I agree, I have played with one at the 2014 yoyofactory tour. I loved it, and cant wait to be able to have my own :smiley:

The Hot is heavier. Not sure of the Too Hot, I don’t know the specs.

The cascade has side effects, so you can make the weight perfect for your likings.