YYF- HOT review

Reviews are not so useful but i’ll try to show you some OK pics and give my 2 cents on those:



note: this review is definitely biased thanks to Harols Owens III being my favorite player, but i’m showing you how many yoyos i own ^ so that you can somewhat appreciate the fact i have reference…

To start off, here are my 2 HOTs,


What i love the most about these is that they play extremely smooth due to their slightly over sized profile and just overall good design, thank Harold Owens for that.

the speed allowed is average and can be pushed a bit more without losing in stability, again: oversized, it doesn’t feel that big, it’s just slightly better in performance due to that profile.

The 2 colors i got are great, the first one is Gold, which looks like a bronze to me… and the second one is the Ain’t nothing limited edition, which…has got to be the most gorgeous throw i own, it’s sexy as heck, the destruction splash in gold (bronze) and matte dark over that shiny Yellow/gold mixes really nicely, definitely consider this color way if you’re planing on getting a HOT: it’s worth it just for the look alone.

summit, HOT, HOT, CC anglam

The Gold one is matte with a nice polish that allows for grinds Ok, nothing spectacular, the special edition is not textured, it looks like a raw finish, without being shiny… odd but grind just as well if not better than the textured Gold one XD

This throw became my personal favorite over all my other hi end because it’s plain fun and very easy to play with… definitely going to make me invent a lot more tricks !


I would like to end this short review (if you can call that a review) with the fact that regenes, horizontals and slow tricks work all nicely on it, if you like the hourglass shape, i see only one reason not to like this throw, and that’s the fact that the metal used is cheap… almost as cheap as magic Yoyo, that’s saying something, so avoid dings at all cost because it easily reaches through the ano and deep…

yoyo like turning point, although using the same kind of aluminium (6061) they are much higher quality metals which can take a beating no problem without doing more than a scratch… i could show u pics as a proof, but you’ll have to take my word for it.
Still, a fantastic throw, maybe a bit overpriced, but then again, all yoyos are, especially Turning point haha.

Expect Greatness anyway

note: see how the Leviathan 2 from Turning Point (right) has that similar hourglass shape as the HOT…but the HOT has it more pronounced and sexier, yes it’s HOT…mwahaha …coughcough* the leviathan2 feels small after playing a HOT…

Nice review. I like the pics. I have been thinking of getting a H.O.T for a while

i don’t like telling people what they should do nor am i going to tell you this is the best throw in the universe you should definitely get it above anything else

i’m just going to tell you i love Harold Owens as a player, and i freaking love his throw, it’s my favorite yoyo among all my throws… followed close second by the anglam cc and the Leviathans and Summit

also, for some reason, maybe it’s just me, but for some reason the Ain’t Nothin edition seems to take hit way better than the original gold version… maybe they changed the metal quality, not sure, they all play the same anyway

I have the exact same two H.O.T.s, gold and Aint Nothin’ edition. I also have the silver with black and red splash and black with red splash.

Nice review. It sounds like you damaged both your H.O.T.s, which is a shame. :frowning:

The H.O.T. was at the top of my list of favorites released last year. Lately, I throw that one the most.

i made a thread some while ago about dings and people got me to acknowledge them as normal for the hobby…i’m not fussing about it anymore…

my gold has 2 dings deep in the ano due to hitting itself on my metal belt buckle…yes, that dumb
and the aint nothin has a few minor hits… but the ano is still alright, i play my yoyo to have fun now, i worry less and it’s win win, they still both play as new so i’m alright

I LOVE the throw, thanks for commenting bro! nice HOT collection lol :wink: