hot or summit?
do the quality compare?

I would ask Totalartist about that

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I have a summit and I love it but you should give preferences

Get the OneDrop Summit


Personally I prefer the summit. That being said, the HOT is top notch and plays incredibly well.

Hot gets my vote, I sold my Summit. That’s my preference though. I don’t like floaty yoyos

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i …im versatil, i love my floaty Anglam cc and i love my solid og avalanche,

i just purchased the Summit and the HOT, i’ll compare the soon enough, thanks everyone

^ I second this…HOT all the way. I realize he bought both, but I still had to say it.

HOT all the way hey?

that’s good to hear, i was afraid people were looking down on this throw, i actually already recieved my summit, it blew me away and i love the feel of it, but i’m really awaiting the HOT now, i hope it’s Hi-end and you guys just made me realize i had nothing to worry about.

Glad to hear people prefer this throw over some other popular hi ends,
Harold owens III is my fav player of all time, i can’t stay still for the HOT … got the gold color btw

I have gold. It’s sweet stufv


gold looks dope, Harold Owens used it at Cals and Nats, i think it’s his fav colorway :stuck_out_tongue:

I would assume!

My HOT is smooth and the blast really makes it look nice. I’m going through honeymoon with a Catalyst and switching between the two. I like it but the HOT is an obvious winner. Can’t get enough of this baby.