Should I get a Triton or Summit?

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I hate to come off harsh, but youve been here long enough to know that its all preference.

Get whatever looks better to YOU! :wink:

get a tritummit

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i will

I went for the Sumton :stuck_out_tongue:

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Let me start by saying I’ve never tried either.

I personally would go for the Summit simply because everybody loves it as far as I’ve heard and you can’t go wrong with CLYW or One Drop, and certainly not both! I’ve never heard a legitimately negative review of a single CLYW return top. Not saying there aren’t people who dislike Caribou Lodge, just saying I’ve never heard of em :wink: same with One Drop. Anywho, I’ve been eyeing the Summit since it came out and if I had the money, I’d own one :).

I haven’t heard much about the Triton yet, but I love the design, look and colorways especially Spray Tan :).

The most important aspect of your decision is what YOU want. As people have already said, IT’S ALL ABOUT PREFERENCE. Go with your gut, your desire, whatever fits your play style best, what looks best, all that good stuff.

Hope you get what you want! :wink:

Hard choice, I feel like your looking at two of the best full size yoyos that will come out this year. I think in the end your going to want both.

Until then I might wait a couple days to see what people say about the triton who picked them up on the release. Then again it might be to late because the Triton comes in much smaller runs.

Personal preference, your getting the highest quality with both.


Just adding my 2-cents worth.

First, I really like GSquared. While a lot of amazing new companies have formed that have released amazing new products, I feel GSquared is one of the top 2 newest companies that have come up lately. In my opinion, the top new company.

Second, I really like CLYW and One Drop. Again, two of my favorite companies. I have a large collection consisting of nearly all their models, each of which I enjoy.

Third: I’m not just talking up GSquared, I’ve bought heavily. The Albatross, Nessie, and the AL7 versions of both(wow, massive improvements!!) The products made by GSquared get along very well with me. As a result of this, it’s a company that I know for myself, is one I can probably just say “Whatever they come out with, BUY IT”. Yeah, it’s like that for me. As such, I have a Trton on the way.

Fourth, and while it is known I am a player and collector, I will not be getting a Summit. Why? I don’t like this half-breed collab type stuff. I like a yoyo to be clearly one brand or another, not a collaboration project. However, please understand, this is a personal choice and not a political choice. Let me say I’ve played a Summit and it was freakin’ AMAZING. Smooth, just enough float to keep speed under control, responds well to being pushed, great catch zone, wonderful performance plus side effects. Collector or player, this is an amazing yoyo. Yes, despite me placing accolades on the Summit and as much as I liked how it performs, I’m just not going to get one. However, I will still recommend it to anyone because they are just that good.

I agree with Capt Anxiety that you’re probably going to want both. As for me, I should have my Triton in a few days. I will have this yoyo with me at BAC, along with my other GSquared yoyos. I am doing this of my own, not because I am endorsed or sponsored by any company. GSquared is a brand that must be tried.

I’ll also have models by other companies too, some that may not be released yet in time for BAC, but honestly should be.

Thanks for the help guys! I have tried both and liked both. I think I’m leaning toward the Triton, but you never know, I could change my mind.

Buy both and give them to me because it’s my not-birthday

Support gsquared and get a triton! They are seriously awesome. I felt the summit was too thudy on the string. The triton strikes the perfect balance between being floaty, solid, and stable :slight_smile:

Wow then why are you asking us?

IMO the Triton is the best throw we’ve come out with to date and I’m relatively sure I’m not the only team member who thinks so. If you wait a few days I think you’ll be hearing he same from the people who picked one up.

I haven’t tried one but I’m sure the Summit is excellent as well.

These reviews might help you figure out which fits your preferences:

Well put

I’m guessing that he got to try them after he made this topic…

He likes both but a need a push towards one. I don’t buy many throws so personally I’d buy a summit only because I really want to try it out. But if you know you will end up with both, I would definitely go for the triton. You might not see them anytime soon after its sold out.

i say get the protostar cuz it good

i <3 yyf