Whats your favorite of the 3


:wink: :slight_smile:


come on guys VOTE!


I’ve only tried 1 of the 3, BUT I VOTED ANYWAY


I vote Triton.


Your down to the summit and triton, they have different shapes so that could be a plus for one of them. You probably can’t go wrong with either.


Some say that G2 yoyos play really “Generic”.

But Caribou Lodge yoyos rarely disappoint.


I have played the Summit and it’s a really great yoyo. I liked it. But, as a collab item, it’s something I won’t be purchasing. Only way one will land in my collection is if one is gifted to me. I know it sounds strange. But, that’s just how I am. It’s also a yoyo I have no issue recommending to others as something to strongly consider for their own collections.

The AC, well, its a bit too fast for me. It’s extremely stable, amazing CLYW smooth, all the good stuff you expect from CLYW. Also a touch smaller than my preferences, and hence lighter than my preferences. In my opinion, one of CLYW’s top 2 models, with the Chief being the other. I really love the shape. The Chief is a bit more compatible with me.

Still haven’t formed an opinion on the Triton. I’ve been busy and I haven’t had a chance to play both the regular and AL7 versions. All I can say is I feel that I’m going to really enjoy this. I enjoy the Albatross and Nessie as well, both the regular and AL67’s. The Triton is just completely different than those. I find it quite interesting how one guy could come up with 3 totally different designs with three distinct personalities.

Wow. Three items. Have fun sorting this out on your own.