summit triton or arctic circle


which yoyo is the superior and why ^^ please comment

oh yes i really like the grind machine plastic if it had bigger gap(if that helps)


You already heard my opinions :slight_smile:



Summit: it’s smooth, you can change the weight to fit your preferences, two really good companies came together to create it. I have a Summit, and if it’s what you decide on, you will not be disappointed or dissatisfied with it.

Arctic Circle: I don’t personally own one, but it’s Zach Gormley’s signature yoyo, so it’s designed to fit his play style and preferences. I’ve heard from people who own one that it’s fast and made for 3d and tech tricks. I’ve heard nothing but excellent things about the Arctic Circle as well. It’s made by CLYW, a very well loved, popular brand. I don’t think you’d be disappointed with it, either.

Triton: I haven’t heard as much as I would like about the Triton, honestly. But what I have heard is excellent things and high praise. It’s shape is beautiful, it’s full sized, and lately G Squared has been doing amazing things with their Anodization. Big Bang, Splat, Twisted Berry. Also, I’ve heard it grinds well due to the Gruntbull finish. I will be getting a Triton soon, hopefully.

In the end, you can’t really go wrong with any of them. It really is all down to your preferences. I, personally would probably narrow it down to Summit and Triton, and since I have a Summit, I’d get a Triton. Honestly though, pick whichever one looks best. These yoyos aren’t “superior” to one another, they all have their own unique shapes and weights and reasons to get them.

I hope you find a yoyo you like! :slight_smile:


Well said


thank you :).


If those are your three options you may as well just blindly point at one and pick the yoyo you pointed at. They are all great.

(SR) #8

I like the Arctic Circle better. But, it’s more expensive.


why :)? also price is no problem


I would go for the AC. Didn’t really like the Summit to much, not stable enough imo. Haven’t tried the Triton. The AC have this solid feel without being to solid or “chunky”. Very good.



I haven’t completely “broken” it in yet but this thing makes no sounds >< it is also as smooth as my Chief being my other dead smooth throw. I am still speculating on what exactly it is about the side effects that is so awesome. it is almost like the little rubber o rings on the side effects act as little shock absorbers for the axle assembly … it is insane.


Summit, just got money yesterday but have probably played it for 10 hours lol. It’s so smooth, has good spin times, and is really easy to land on the string.


basicly what i see is that very experienced yoyo users go with the arctic sircle, and the other people that are good but perhaps not as experienced as sr and eastfield go with summit?

(G2 Jake) #14

I would go with what you like when you line them up. All 3 are top of the line quality and performance.

I personally like the Triton and AC better than the summit. It all comes down to what you like/want. The summit is the hot yoyo right now.




You guys really helped this guy decide didn’t you? :stuck_out_tongue:


haha they really did :stuck_out_tongue: they just say all are good and that its down to what i like :stuck_out_tongue: but im unsure 100%what i like else i woud know :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh lol lefty, he sent me a pm and i replied telling him about the summit, and why i like it. ;D


Oh ok :slight_smile: It’s all good.