hey new yoyo summit or arctic circle :)


hey i made a new thread since i found out i coudn’t even get the triton used :slight_smile: so it is summit vs arctic circle… if it helps i got a genesis which i found a little too stable and heavy(just a tad). a grind machine i loved but the gap is too small. and the 888 which was waaaay too floaty… please tell me a different yoyo if u think that woud suit me better :slight_smile: please comment+vote thank you for your time!


Really? You found the 888 floaty? Are you COMPLETELY sure it was floaty? I think most people consider the 888 to be a very solid throw…


Hey btw, on your poll, you can choose two choices.
I’d say chief or summit, then I would choose for my preferences.

I wouldn’t say the arctic circle is for you… Irs made for fast 3D play that Zach does. I liked the summit, a little slow.


Arctic Circle is made for Zach Gormley. It’s his signature throw that he uses in competition and videos and performances and practices. You see my point? It’s designed to fit his preferences and play style (fast, tech, 3d). If your play style is similar to Zach’s, go for it. People love that yoyo.

Summit is a collab between two amazing companies, One Drop and CLYW. It’s smooth, floaty with the stock Ultra Lights, which brings me to the next thing: Side Effects. You can change the weight to fit your preferences, decide how it best plays for you. SE’s are a huge plus IMO. You also can’t really strip it the yoyo with SE’s.

I like the Summit a lot. I’ve never tried the AC, but lots of people I’ve talked to love theirs. Hope you find something you like :).


ty for help still need some more help :slight_smile:


If your really want a Triton they will have Nickel Plated ones tonight on the G2 website for $75.


Are you looking for a heavy, full sized? Or any specific shape?

If anything, I would consider a Spin Dynamics Flow. There’s nothing fancy about it. No side effects, nor Hub-Stacks, just a good 'ol, long spin, Heavy metal, Throw.

P.S. It is not floaty, even though the name seems like it is, it is good for slacks, suicides, and string tricks.

P.P.S. I would get a summit any day. The arctic circle just isn’t my shape, but that’s my preference. If you want the Side Effects, get the summit. If you like the feel of a Arctic Circle, then get it!


I’ve never played a Summit, but I really enjoy my Arctic Circle. It has a nice shape and is pretty fast, even though I don’t play too fast. It’s also pretty stable.

I have heard great things about the Summit, though. It also has side effects, so you can customize it to how you want.


well concidering what i told people what are the reccomandations :slight_smile: i love your personal opinion but i need compared to my preference :stuck_out_tongue: tricks i like are magic trick kamikaze green triangle mcbribe rollercoaster those type of tricks ^^


Are you into fast tech play? If yes, definatly the arctic circle.


id say, especially for you, get the summit. i havent tried the arctic circle, but its not for you.

lol and not for me either!

(kclejeune) #12

Based on your preference, summit.