arctic circle vs summit vs cheif

I know more about the summit than I know about the rest. I know not very much at all, I just know they are quite good. I am planning on trying them out next week =, but i also want to know, what is your favorite one of these and why? I like a yoyo that is Around 62g-68g. I also want very long sleep times, I already know its the player not the yoyo, but come on… which has the longest? I dont care for grinds at all, i like just string tricks, i like to go kinda slow and kinda fast, in the middle. But i want oe that can go fast and can go slow.
;D Thanks guys ;D

I own a Summit and it is amazing. I really recommend getting one. I dont own either a chief or an Arctic Circle, but i love my Summit. I hear the AC is SUPER stable so it will probably sleep the longest, but the Chief and Summit both will sleep a long time. The summit also comes with Side Effects, which is a bonus.

Just get the one that looks the best. I know you wont be disappointed by any of them. :slight_smile:

Summit. No argument necessary.

Its really awesome. Long sleep times, fast, stable, and ultimately awesome. I can tell you of some people who have some!

okay, so no to the chief
… I think im getting a summit but I want more reply’s!!!

I own all three. Not a huge fan of the Chief. Nothing wrong with it, it just doesn’t really click with me. Liked the Summit stock, but loved it after I changed the side effects into domes. That little bit of extra weight turns it into a whole other beast. And then we have the Arctic Circle which is probably my favourite of the three. The size just feels right in my hand and it’s just so ridiculously stable.

Edit to add: if you’re going to go with a Summit, I’d suggest ordering a few different side effects as well in case you don’t quite like the feel of it with the stock ultra lights.