Cliff vs Chief vs Summit vs Arctic Circle vs H5xChief vs Glacier Express


Which one out of these do you think is the best? If there are any other clyws that are better than these please tell me. I know there is no “best yoyo” and I know you’re going to sigh when you read this, but I really need help. I want a yoyo that is stable, can play fast and spins for a long time. Size doesn’t really bother me. I was going to buy the Chief, and then the Cliff looked really appealing, and then so did these other yoyos. Which would you buy and WHY?


If size is no matter at all and you want the one of those mentioned with the longest spintimes and greatest stability i’d take the H5xChief.

Keep in mind that the H5xChief is HUGE though. If you were going to go smaller, the Cliff probably would be the next on the list.



Of every CLYW I’ve used, the Summit is by far my favorite. To me the Glacier Express felt weird and the chief didn’t play as well as I expected. I’ve never been a huge CLYW fan, but I can assure you the Summit is an amazing yoyo.


I’d get the H5xChief if spin times and stability is what matters. And as a plus, it is smooth as it can get. Can’t stop throwing mine since i got it like a week ago new for $40!! I still can’t believe it.

The Arctic Circle would be my second choice. It is super stable, and spins forever, even if you don’t play as clean, or hit it with your hands while on the string, this thing does not stop!

The Summit is not very stable or long spinner in my opinion, but it is my favorite, it is a delight just to feel it roll through the string.

The Chief is a sure bet, it is really stable, and has good spin times. It has a very floaty feel, and kind of “hollow” to me.

Haven’t tried the Cliff or Glacier Express…

(kclejeune) #5

I’ve tried them all, and the summit takes. It can move fast but be stable too. Second place is arctic circle, third is the avalanche, either version.

EDIT: Here’s my reasons.

  1. The summit is super stable, but light enough to be floaty and make me happy. The arctic circle doesn’t feel as nimble on the string, making it my second favorite. The AC is a super solid feel. If you put heavy SEs in the summit it feels like the AC in my opinion.
  2. The summit has side effects. You can change the weight. That’s worth something to me. Also, if you somehow strip the axle seat, you pay $10 for new side effects, not $50 to retap an axle.
  3. The summit spins a long time. Like a really really long time. I’ve gotten 10+ minutes with a flat 10 ball. I know the AC is stability king, but the summit is extremely stable as well, so it doesn’t have a downfall to me. The avalanche is wonderful. It has that great kind of light feel I love, but it can’t spin nearly as long, from what I’ve found.

That’s my reasons… Others will disagree. I also say, go summit because it’s cheaper and if you love it, it’s not limited. You can always get more!


Really just get whatever you want. You can’t go wrong with either. I’d go summit, only because I dont know much bout the other yoyos.and it has side effects, just a little bonus to me. And I love the avalanche shape with the cascade cup. But you can just get whatever one you like the most, or the one that looks cooler to you.
But still look at the shapes!