help buying new yoyo!


recently ive owned grind machine genesis 888 and one…
and im looking for something new
reason:they don’t fit me :confused:
the 888 is too floaty and got no balance…
the genesis is too rim weighted making it feel heavy and hard too do things with.

ive read about the chief and summit but unsure :confused:

i like a yoyo that is somewhat floaty but also stable at the same time… i want to be able too choose the speed of my yoyo (fast slow medium) something ur unable too with for example genesis as its medium only…
please help me choose a yoyo as i am really loving yoyo’ing :slight_smile:


I’d go summit, maybe chief. You could try out other brands too.

(kclejeune) #3

Summit sounds like your best bet to me.


ok summit is maybe good then :confused: coud u explain summit little? i read reviews but they just say it is awesome excellent which is bad description if u wanna buy it :stuck_out_tongue:


the summit, CLYW and onedrop came together, and in 4 days made the summit. It has a one drop 10 ball bearing (smooootthhh) and clyw aqua (maybe) clyw response pads. It comes with ultra lights, so you can take those off and put in side effects, yo change the weight, and ad some color. There are domes, spikes, etc. (NO hubstacks though) and it is an H shape, long spinning yoyo. I dont really know what to say, since I only tried it once. its a great yoyo.
Edit: oh ya, they mixed the clyw avalanche and the onedrop cascade. They used the avalanches h shape, not the cascades hourglasses shape.