yoyo vs. yoyo

       Hey guys, I'm trying to decide which yoyo I should get. My budget is $100, and I like yoyos that are not to big, and not to small, but inbetween. I'm choosing between these yoyos: 

     YYF Genesis, Catalyst, Super G, Supernova Lite, Rockstar 2012, Genesis with hubstacks, and 888.


I hate the 888 and I love my Supernova Lite. It’s so smooth and quick.


but the genisis is good too ;D


Genesis all the way. I have tried the genesis, genesis+, super g, supernova lite, and catalyst. The genesis out performs all of those that I have tried, out performes them in spin time and stability, the one that beats it in speed is the catalyst but the genesis is a pretty fast yoyo for a full sized. I haven’t tried the 888 or the rockstar…the 888 will not beat the genesis in stability or spin time and the rockstar is like a tamed genesis (is what I have heard). Slower but just as stable but just a little less spin time.


OD CODE 1 I just got it last month and its amazing. check the yoyoskills and highspeedyoyo review (they are websites). It is just amazing. better than my 54 and remnant 2. It is a little big but the H shape makes it feel a little small. Finger grinds are awesome. Its hard to explain but me and the yoyo kind of connect. It just goes exactly were I want it.


I was going to say the One Drop 54 because, being 54mm in diameter, it’s not too big or too small. The One Drop Code 1 is awesome, but is on the larger side. Both are fantastic, hit the top of your budget, but are also very different. As in two different kinds of awesome! I got both. But since the OP didn’t mention those, please ignore this and move along and pretend I never posted!


All of your options are either big or small. If you want some mid size throw I highly recommend SPYY Addiction