need help deciding!!!


Alright im going to get a new yoyofactory yoyo soon and im not sure which one to get. Should i get the genesis, supernova lite, or the catalyst? Please tell me what you think is the best to go with and why. Thank you :slight_smile:


well what do you like in a yoyo?

personally, i would get a supernova lite, because it’s still very large and wide but it’s light and plays fast

(Raphael) #3

I haven’t played with a catalyst yet, but I would go with a Genisis, just because they are so smooooooooooooo(add about like 47 more o’s)oooth


Out of the three, I like the supernova lite because it so fast and floaty


i have a genesis and it would be good for whatever you would like to throw at it. it can play fast for a big yoyo, is allways smooth, and its one of the top flaship models for yoyofactory. pluss it has more weight for more spinn

(Chase Baxter) #6

Just sing Eenie meenie minnie mo.


why MUST it be a YYF?

why cant you go for a smaller company?

i would reccomend a OD 54 TTTT

if you must get a YYF, go with the genesis