This vs that. What should I get??

Hey guys, I’m trying to decide which yoyo to get. Should I get the Y Factor by One Drop, or should I get the Rockstar 2012 by Yoyofactory. I will post more yoyo decisions, till then, keep voting.

wrong section buddy… it will probably get moved but anyways what are you preferences it all matters on that like if you are really techy and have really long tricks get the rockstar but if your really fast then get the y factor… it all depends on you

Hey guys, again I just wanna make sure which yoyo is better, the Catalyst by Yoyofactory, or the Genesis by Yoyofactory. I’m gonna post a couple more of these so be prepared.

Which one is better. Supernova Lite by Yoyofactory or the Super G by Yoyofactory.

Neither, get the original Duncan Butterfly.

Considering that there are 0 y-factors in stock, rockstar 2012.

Whoa dude, no need to post 3 different threads about very similar things. Next time, just put all your choices on one thread. Many people consider this to be spamming. To answer your question though, It’s all about your preferences. :slight_smile:

Genesis. No questions asked.

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I tend to agree with Moise. I like the Genesis more. But what do YOU like?

Mmmm-yeah, there are plenty of questions to ask, like “why?!”

Another question is… why those 2 specifically? There are more yoyos in that price range for multiple companys


??? ??? ??? ???

Bro your not funny this kid wants to get a new yoyo saying that doesn’t help

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i notice you have made four of these posts in a short amount of time. i think we could help you better if you would tell us what you like in a yoyo. so please answer these questions.

Do you like full sized, under sized, or inbetween?
How heavy or light do you like your yoyos?
What shape do you like?
What is your budget?
Do you want it to be faster playing or slower playing?
What size bearing do you want?
And finally list all the yoyos you are trying to decide between.

Based on this information we should be able to help you make a decision.

I know. I was annoyed that he made 4 other posts like this.


  1. inbetween
    3.I don’t know
  2. $95.00
  3. C
  4. Genesis, Supernova Lite, Y Factor, Catalyst, Rockstar 2012, Super G
  1. inbetween
  2. Rockstar 2012, Genesis, Super G, Catalyst, Supernova Lite, Y-Factor