First YoYofactory Metal?

Hey I have 150$ and want to get a yoyofactory yoyo. I love my code 1, Chief, Canvas, Wooly Marmot, and code 2. What should I get as my first high end from yyf.


happy shopping!

the new genesis is pretty cool

Genesis or super nova, those 2 are a personal favorite of mine and you cant go wrong with either, or if you wanna save up on some cash then get a dv888

Genesis or Supernova hands down

if it has to be one, then the Genesis, you’ll keep it for years to come a proper classic and genuinely brilliant throw

2012 supernova is my favorite. Super smooth and a great price.

Supernova > Genesis… in my opinion
and if you can get your hands on a 2010 severe, Thats super cool too ;D

888 with center track is a great under sized throw four more techy tricks and crazy gyroscopic flops