Your Favorite YYF Metal?

Looking into getting my first metal from YoYoFactory, and just wanting some opinions. Have at it!


YYF makes a lot of yoyos in a lot of different shapes, sizes and weights. Most of my YYF’s are plastics.

I only have 3 YYF metals:
Mighty Flea v2. very small, and while I’ve seen people easily use my Flea, I can’t use it at all. It’s a motivation to improve my skills. I refuse to say anything about this item. It’s just not something I can properly handle right now.

dv888 - A good yoyo. It’s solid, smooth and stable. It’s small and feels heavy for it’s size. It’s just not great. It is perfectly priced for what it does. Some people love it, some people hate it. I like it, but it’s not one I am drawn to.

Mutant DNA, which I got as a B-grade at BAC: Wow, stacked and heavy, yet it doesn’t play heavy. It’s good some really great play. I like yoyos on the heavier side. This is a bit heavier than my preferences though, but still, it’s a really good throw. I’m liking this.

Two YYF throws I have to get soon:
Superstar and MVP.

Rock Star. Not the new one. The one with the flat inside – no axle studs or anything. Don’t think they make it anymore. Next is DV888.

I picked up a G Funk not too long ago. I really like it. Awesome throw for the price. I like how stable it is. Chose it over the Yuuksta. I also have the Popstar, which is just way too small for me.

the only yyf metal that I’ve liked so far is the super g.

Right now i have a DV888 and Im deeply in love XD. going to grab a supernova in a few weeks:)

'09 SEVERE and 2012 series SuperNova

My favorite would have to be the supernova.

I have played
Mighty flea

Does the 2012 Supernova play heavy? And how does it compare to a Genesis?

Same question. Does the SuperG play heavy? And what other YYF’s have you played that you are comparing it to?



Supernova is my fave so far.


I have a Mutant DNA and Yuuksta. The Yuuksta was my first true metal yoyo, and I love it. Better than the dv888 in my opinion. Mutant DNA is all around good, spins forever because of its weight. YYF has a lot of great yoyos to choose from, so check them all out. If you are getting your first metal yoyo, look at their line of Fundametals.

  1. An 888x was my first yoyo. I loved it, and am getting a few more just for nostalgia and give away

I’ve only tried dv888, popstar, and the supernova. I like the supernova the most though. :slight_smile:

Still AG2 ;D


2012 Supernova is my favorite. I also like the Genesis, all Severe’s, MVP and the GM2.