whats your favourite yyf metal?

Mine is probably the catalyst

MVP. Hands Down.

07 888 cant get enough of it

Small bearing lunatic would be my all time favorite but 888 is in close second.


Easily the gneiss or superg

Genesis. For sure.

None of them really. Fast 201 had metal in it so that will have to do.

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The old 56mm California.

of what I’ve used, lunatic. I dunno why, but I just love that thing.

Hectic - large bearing.

My favorite yyf so far was the chaotic actually.

I want to clarify my post. There are a lot of YYF metals I like. I just don’t love any of them. I do however love the fast 201. Such a great little yoyo.

Not a big fan of YYF actually. I just feel like i’m throwing a piece of metal, but with Onedrop, its like im throwing a unicorn in yoyo form. No hate towards yoyofactory, I have much respect towards them. On the other hand, If I HAD to pick one, i’d go with the skyline.

I don’t like YYF one bit but the first gen. Rockstar was cool and the 555 was pretty neat.

I’ve only tried a DV888, 888x, and Superstar. Of the three, I like the Superstar the best. It’s extremely smooth and stable.

An ashtray dv888 which is the only yyf I use.

I like yyf. My favorite of their metals is the Genesis. I also like the Frantic.

09 Severe is the only YYF metal that ever really sang to me. Love it to death. I wish they would make some more. I don’t have anything against YYF, and I don’t like that a lot of people seem to hate them just because they’re big and popular. That being said, most of their products don’t appeal to me all that much. I do still want to try a Supernova, though.

yuuksta with 2010 G5 coming in a close second.