what is the best yyf yoyo in your preferance ;D ???

I am going to guess you mean: Is yyf the best in your preferance?
Personaly no, I like clyw better, but yyf is a good company.

I’ve been a Onedop fan boy since I started

Normally, I’d be against this sort of thing but the question of the topic is…

“what is the best yyf yoyo in your preferance?”
or shortened…
“What is the best yyf yoyo”

So Here’s my list:
888(as long as it has a KK bearing in it… damn tilting yo-yo)

The rest are all crappy rehashes and cheap designs made to enhance profit.
Those that I listed, at least in my opinion are the only ones worth three cent.

888 no question.


ARGH… I thought you were Kim-Lan… the penguin…

but honestly, I really don’t like any, but I haven’t tried any of the expensive ones… 888, superstar, those kinds.

This get’s my vote.

id have to agree with mrcnja

you’re like, obsessed with her sometimes, lol. Shes not coming back. :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, Superstar and Genesis.

i love the genesis…

If you like full size, my faves are the Genesis and Superstar.
If you like a smaller yoyo, the Boss is my definite fave. 888 is phenomenal as well, but the spin times of the higher rim-weighted Boss ease it ahead of the 888, at least for me. :slight_smile:

C13 with a centar trac


so far tie for the protostar and DNA

She was back for a little while and said she’d be around more… then she was gone…


I thought you were refering to me for a minute lol.

I honestly don’t really care for YoyoFactory but if i had to pick… Probably the Genesis. IMO its the only one worth a crap.

Exactly how I have mine setup. So far this is the only YYF I like. I’m more of a Duncan boy myself.